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Chat with the Seminoles, November 7th

Nov. 7, 2001

Which-Seminole: Michael Joiner
Question: How well prepared for this season is the team?

James — thanks for your second question in a week. We appreciate all the
fans of Florida State basketball.

Our team is coming together very quickly this season. I feel that we are
coming together a lot faster this season than last season because we have
more veterans and fewer newcomers. As returning veterans, we have taken it
upon ourselves to make sure the new guys come to practice each day more
prepared to play than the day before.

Also, everyone worked really hard over the summer to prepare himself for
this season. Everybody came back in better shape and player better basketball.

I think those factors, among many others, will help us as we being our
season next week.

Thanks for your support of Seminole basketball.

Go Noles!

Which-Seminole: Monte Cummings
Question: I just want to congratulate Monte on his long awaited
success. I’m in Germany now, and I wanted to get in touch with him.


It’s great to hear from you and I appreciate the e-mail.


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