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Chat With The Seminoles, October 31

Oct. 31, 2001

Which-Seminole: Ryan Lowry
Question: Ryan, how is acc basketball? I know of you through this kid that
went played at my high school and played against you at Raleigh Roundball
your senior year. He goes to ECU. I go to UNCC. Played baseball here for
two years. Wasn’t feelin’ it so decided to just concentrate on school.
Didn’t want to transfer. Saw this thing while I was supposed to be studying
in the library and figured I’d try it out. Holla back if you get a chance.

What’s up Andrae?

Thanks for writing me and supporting Florida State basketball. Who is the
guy you know at ECU?

I am preparing for practice as I writ this letter. Our first game of the
season is against the University of Florida on Nov. 16. We play the Gators
in basketball the night before the Seminoles play the Gators in
football. It will be wild in Gainesville because the two schools do not
like each other.

I am busy preparing for the season. We are very excited about the upcoming
season and feel that we have our best team in years. Coach Robinson, who
is a great coach, is working us hard and teaching us a lot. I really enjoy
playing for him.

If you see Calvin Clemmons or coach Dan Peterson around, please say hello
for me. Best of luck with your studies and your collegiate years.

Go Noles!

Ryan Lowery.

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