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Checking In with Summer Weissing

Dec. 3, 2007

For Summer Weissing, the competition of the game and the fire that burns inside of her propels her to play hard not only for her teammates, but also for Florida State. Just like her role model Brett Favre does for the Packers by exemplifying grit and toughness when people say he should hang it up, Summer strives to help the team achieve the goal of making it to the NCAA tournament. It will be a bittersweet departure as she leaves FSU as the career digs leader, but also she leaves with plenty of great memories as well as aspirations of maybe being the next sideline reporter for ESPN and Monday Night Football…Erin Andrews watch out!

– What has your senior season been like for you emotionally?
“It’s been the best and the worst at times. Right now, it is awesome, but we have gone through some rough patches where we were like `what are we doing?’. Right now I am having the time of my life.”

– What does holding the career digs record mean to you?
“It is a nice thing to have. You play here for four years; it is nice to have your name in the record books. I am just so happy that we are playing well, that means more to me than any record. I think we actually have a shot at getting into the NCAA tournament and I think that would be the biggest accomplishment.”

-When you came to Florida State what exactly drew you to the school?
“I love the campus and I loved the team at the time. Everything was a fit and the coaches were great at the time. So I really liked everything on my visit so I thought it was the right place at the time.”

-What kind of expectations do you have now versus when you were a freshman?
“When I was a freshman I came in thinking we were going to win ACC’s and everything, but then you get here and you understand what it takes. I definitely think we have had opportunities. I don’t feel like we have not reached any, I am happy with this year and how we are doing and that we really have a shot [at the NCAA tournament].”

-No regrets?
“No, I love it. I have had the greatest times.”

-What do you think you will miss most about volleyball and Florida State?
“I will definitely miss being with the girls and competing, the games where you just crawl off the floor; I am going to miss that a lot. And the team, they are just my best friends.”

-What about Tallahassee will you miss the most?
“I love Tallahassee when I am here, but I’ll be happy to see something else. It is a great college town.”

-What are your career goals and what do you look forward to in the future?
“I really want to get into sports broadcasting, maybe play professionally overseas, but I am really open for anything at this time.”

-What is it like being a senior leader, what are the pressures you have had to face?
“I think in the beginning of the season I was looking for answers just like everyone else, but I felt the pressure of trying to turn this season around. I felt like I was not being a leader because we were not getting the results. Now everything is great. I just like being with the girls and I hope they learn something from me.”

-What is something that Coach Kress has said or done that you will leave here with?
“If you gave everything you had and it is not good enough, you cannot be upset with your effort.”

-Is there anything that you are going to take out of these four years?
“Oh tons of things, I cannot begin to tell you. Time management, fighting for something, I have learned more in these four years than any other time, I love it.”

-Is there anything that stands out about being here, any favorite games?
“We played away at Georgia Tech, that is always fun. This year Duke, away, even though we lost I thought we gave everything we could. I am just really going to miss the girls, the traveling. There is just so much I cannot even begin to think about.”

-Is there anything you are not going to miss?
“Yeah the long grueling practices. I am going to like having a little more time on my hands.”

-What kind of things do you want to leave as far as impressions or how to remember you?
“Just that I was a good teammate. I just want them to have enjoyed playing with me. I just hope that they have learned some things.”

-What about some of Summer’s pearls of wisdom?
“Just that things get hard and to keep going.”

-What would you tell those aspiring young girls that want to play volleyball?
“I would tell them that there is always a spot for everyone in volleyball. If you want to do something you have to be willing to work to get there.”

-Hard work and dedication, do those two characteristics apply to your playing style?
“Yeah definitely. I also play with a lot of fire because I love the game.”

-So are you the vocal leader on the team?
“You know that is something that I have struggled with this year. Todd really wanted me to be that vocal leader this year, but I really know how to lead by example best.”

-What motivates you to play?
“I just love playing so the game itself motivates me. ”

-Who inspires you?
“I like Brett Favre. I think he is one of my favorites because he is so tough. My teammates also inspire me because I want to play as hard as they play for me.”

-So you believe in playing for the name on the front of the jersey and not so much the one on the back…
“Oh definitely, for sure.”

-Guilty pleasures?
“I like to be outside or by the pool. I love the show “24”.”

-Anyone you’d like to say thanks to?
“I’d like to thank my mom and dad, the coaches, the boosters, everyone that got me here.”

Quick Facts:
Favorite TV show: 24
Favorite Place to visit: Captiva, California
Place to visit but haven’t yet: Australia or Europe
Role Model/ Icon: Brett Favre
One thing every teammate knows about you: That I am just random and goofy
One thing every teammate doesn’t know about you: They probably know everything about me!
Hobby: Going to the beach, being in the water, hanging with the girls
Favorite movie: `The Little Mermaid’ and `Elf’
Best trait about yourself: Driven and a hard worker
Change one thing about yourself if you could: I’d be more vocal instead of being so quite and I’d try to step out of the box more
Favorite part of Florida: it’s usually sunny
Lifelong dream: It was to play in the Olympics and just play in college, but now it’s being a sideline reporter for ESPN, maybe for Monday Night Football.

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