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Chris Weinke Q&A

Sept. 30, 2004

With Clemson in town, they will always remember the play where you had the ball on you hip for about five seconds. Then you hit Snoop for about a 98-yard touchdown.

“Yeah, it felt like it was there for awhile.”

How are things going for you right now? What’s the difference between the college game and the pro game and the enjoyment of it?

“Going to a school like Florida State prepares you to have success at the pro level. It’s a luxury to play at a place like this with as many good athletes as we have. It prepares you, but the game is just so much faster. You can’t necessarily take advantage of someone like you can in college. Sometimes you pick on a corner or a safety and in the NFL level everyone is good, the game’s faster. It’s a business and I enjoy it and I will continue to do it until they won’t let me do it any longer.”

Do the sticks come out at all during the season or do you not have enough time and you have to put them away?

“That’s the tough part. I head to camp at the end of July and the sticks get put in the closet until January.”

What are your impressions of the new Moore Athletic Center?

“Early on I heard about what they were going to do, but until you can get in there and actually look at it, it’s unbelievable. What they have done here and continue to do here is exactly what I think should be done here. That is not only to be the best football team in the country but also have the best facilities in the country. In terms of doing that this has to be the best facilities in the country. If there is one better, I would like to see it. It’s always nice to come back after not seeing it for awhile and seeing the progress. Now it’s a place where kids want to come and play. Not only do the kids enjoy it but it’s a place where the fans can come by and see it and enjoy it too.”

Do you have a favorite memory of Coach Bowden?

“There are so many stories about coach. The one thing I always remember about coach is when you go into a game at halftime and you are winning, he always has the same speech and he has probably had it since the first day he started coaching. That is `hey defense if they don’t score we win.’ That’s a story I tell a lot of people. But I can remember back when I was an 18-year old kid, when he came up and recruited me, my family fell in love with the guy and that’s probably one of the biggest reasons I came down here. I was going to be going a long ways away from home and I found a place that I was comfortable and he made me feel comfortable and my family was comfortable with him. It was seven years later when I decided to come back and I enjoyed every minute that I spent with coach and now we have a relationship to where when I come back in town we go and play golf. Just a tremendous man, I don’t know if there was or if there ever will be a better coach.”

Which ACC team gets the most attention in Charlotte?

“It’s pretty divided, I think right now it’s a big basketball country and we are trying to convert them into big football fans. It’s a great place they are learning and I think they are getting smarter about college football. I enjoy being there.”

Being back does it make you want to be back out there throwing to Peter Warrick and all those guys again?

“No question about it. I was just outside talking to a couple people and I was saying that I get chills every time I walk into that stadium. I played here for four years and every time I ran out of that tunnel I got some kind of fired up. It was great and now being on the outside looking in as a fan, I enjoy coming into the stadium and feeling the electricity. I enjoy coming back. I wish I could come back more but those days will come further down the road. Seeing what they have done to the stadium, it makes it that much better.”

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