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Coming together off the court

Nov. 29, 2005

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It is not often in the spirited world of college athletics today, that two teams can put aside their competitive nature and spend time with an opposing team. But that is exactly what happened last week when the Florida Sate and Wake Forest volleyball teams celebrated Thanksgiving together, just one day before facing each other on the court.

“Todd (Kress) is closest to Heather Kahl (head coach of Wake Forest) of all the coaches in the ACC,” Florida State assistant coach John Spinney said. “They thought it would be nice to do something over Thanksgiving since they were going to be down here.”

In addition to both teams, all family was invited to come. When all were accounted for, approximately 70 people showed for Thanksgiving dinner at the Kress home. Helpings of various foods from Boston Market were piled onto a center table allowing everyone to go around and choose what food they wanted. Then, the girls could choose to sit wherever they wanted.

“After the first half hour, the ice was broken,” Spinney said. “Then, everyone started talking together and having fun.”

After they were all done eating, everyone was entertained when eight girls faced off in a football game. Girls from each squad teamed up to face both friend and foe on the gridiron. Eventually it was time to go and the team went their separate ways. But they meet up again the next day. This time on the court as both teams closed out the long season against each other.

“There was a lot of camaraderie for the day but still competition on the other side for the next day,” Spinney said. “It was nice to get to know the girls outside of just the volleyball court.”

This story is courtesy of Jonathan Ramsey and the FSView & Florida Flambeau

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