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Employment Of Student-Athletes

The NCAA’s member institutions voted to pass Proposition 62, which will allow student-athletes receiving a full scholarship to receive earnings from legitimate employment, provided the student-athlete has completed one full academic year at Florida State, and is academically eligible for competition. Thus, freshmen and transfers will not be allowed to work during the academic year. Before the student-athlete is allowed to work, a written statement must be signed by the employer, student-athlete, and the Compliance Office stating:

  • Compensation may not include any value the student-athlete has to the employer due to the student-athlete’s fame or reputation.
  • The student-athlete will be paid only for work actually performed.
  • The student-athlete will be paid at a fair market value equal to that for other similar positions in the immediate area of employment.

    The Florida State Athletic Department can assist you in obtaining employment. Please contact Assistant Athletic Director Guy Morgan at 644-2547. If you are an employer and wish to employ student-athletes, please, contact the Office of Compliance at 644-4272 before engaging in any employment opportunity with a student-athlete. As an employer, you should be aware of the following “do not’s” regarding employment.

  • Do not employ a prospect prior to the completion of the prospect’s senior year in high school.
  • Do not employ a currently enrolled student-athlete during the academic year without written permission from Florida State University.
  • Do not provide transportation to and from work for student-athlete employees unless such transportation is provided to all employees.

    (NCAA Bylaws 15.2.6) See www.ncaa.org

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