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Critical Information Regarding Your Account!

Critical Information Regarding Your Account!

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On November 1, 2006, Microsoft will automatically deploy its latest browser
release, Internet Explorer 7.0, via auto-updates to its customer base.
All-Access currently runs on Internet Explorer 6.0. This means that your
All-Access service will not work if you update your browser to IE 7.0. CSTV
remains committed to supporting the latest and greatest technologies. By late
November 2006, our products will fully support IE 7.0.

In the interim, we recommend All-Access customers block the IE 7.0 auto update
and remain on IE 6.0 to continue enjoying All-Access.

Blocking IE 7.0 Auto Update:

Go to the following link to download and run the blocker toolkit.

We will contact you shortly when All-Access is compatible with IE 7.0 and
provide instructions on how to upgrade to the new browser.

Thank you,

The All-Access Support Team
All-Access: Official Partner of CSTV.com

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