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2000-2001 SCHEDULE

DateOpponent / EventLocationTime / Result
02/03/01vs. Western KyTallahassee, Fla.W, 5-4
02/04/01vs. Western KyTallahassee, Fla.W, 8-4
02/09/01at StanfordStanford, Calif.L, 6-2
02/10/01at StanfordStanford, Calif.L, 5-2
02/11/01at StanfordStanford, Calif.L, 8-2
02/17/01vs. Florida TVTallahassee, Fla.W, 19-6
02/18/01vs. FloridaTallahassee, Fla.L, 6-5
02/24/01at Florida TVGainesville, Fla.L, 3-2
02/25/01at FloridaGainesville, Fla.W, 13-11
02/27/01vs. Appalachian StTallahassee, Fla.W, 10-4
02/28/01vs. Appalachian StTallahassee, Fla.W, 7-4
03/01/01Florida MarlinsMelbourne, Fla.1:05 p.m. ET
03/02/01vs. Michigan StTallahassee, Fla.W, 7-4
03/03/01vs. Michigan StTallahassee, Fla.W, 10-5
03/04/01vs. Michigan StTallahassee, Fla.W, 9-5
03/06/01vs. St Josephs PaTallahassee, Fla.W, 16-4
03/07/01vs. St Josephs PaTallahassee, Fla.3:30 p.m. ET
03/10/01vs. VirginiaTallahassee, Fla.W, 9-2
 vs. VirginiaTallahassee, Fla.W, 16-1
03/11/01vs. Virginia TVTallahassee, Fla.W, 2-1
03/13/01vs. Northern IowaTallahassee, Fla.W, 4-3
03/14/01vs. LibertyTallahassee, Fla.6:00 p.m. ET
03/16/01at No Carolina StRaleigh, N.C.W, 8-7
03/17/01at No Carolina St TVRaleigh, N.C.L, 4-2
03/18/01at No Carolina StRaleigh, N.C.W, 12-3
03/20/01vs. AkronTallahassee, Fla.W, 8-2
03/21/01vs. AkronTallahassee, Fla.W, 14-2
03/23/01vs. North Carolina TVTallahassee, Fla.7:00 p.m. ET
03/24/01vs. North Carolina TVTallahassee, Fla.W, 12-6
03/25/01vs. North CarolinaTallahassee, Fla.W, 8-7
03/27/01vs. The CitadelTallahassee, Fla.6:00 p.m. ET
03/28/01vs. The CitadelTallahassee, Fla.L, 5-2
03/30/01vs. Wake ForestTallahassee, Fla.W, 12-3
03/31/01vs. Wake Forest TVTallahassee, Fla.W, 6-5
04/01/01vs. Wake ForestTallahassee, Fla.W, 6-5
04/03/01vs. MercerTallahassee, Fla.W, 15-1
04/06/01vs. ClemsonTallahassee, Fla.W, 7-4
04/07/01vs. Clemson TVTallahassee, Fla.W, 7-6
04/08/01vs. ClemsonTallahassee, Fla.W, 6-1
04/11/01vs. JacksonvilleTallahassee, Fla.W, 9-4
04/13/01at Miami Fla TVMiamiW, 10-9
04/14/01at Miami Fla TVMiamiL, 5-4
04/15/01at Miami Fla TVMiamiL, 7-1
04/18/01at JacksonvilleJacksonville, Fla.W, 8-1
04/20/01vs. Miami Fla TVTallahassee, Fla.L, 7-5
04/21/01vs. Miami Fla TVTallahassee, Fla.L, 9-6
04/22/01vs. Miami FlaTallahassee, Fla.L, 7-4
04/27/01at Georgia Tech TVAtlanta, GAL, 9-8
04/28/01at Georgia Tech TVAtlanta, GAW, 6-2
04/29/01at Georgia Tech TVAtlanta, GAL, 12-2
05/04/01at MarylandCollege Park, MDW, 8-1
05/05/01at MarylandCollege Park, MDW, 11-5
05/06/01at MarylandCollege Park, MDW, 13-1
05/11/01at Duke TVDurham, N.C.W, 12-3
05/12/01at DukeDurham, N.C.W, 12-4
05/13/01at DukeDurham, N.C.L, 8-7
05/16/01at NC State (ACC Tournament)Fort Mill, S.C.W, 11-5
05/17/01at Georgia Tech (ACC Tournament)Fort Mill, S.C.L, 6-5
05/18/01at Clemson (ACC Tournament)Fort Mill, S.C.W, 5-4
05/19/01at NC StateACC TournamentL, 8-4
 at Wake Forest (ACC Tournament)Fort Mill, S.C.W, 15-2
 at N.C. State (ACC Tournament)Fort Mill, S.C.L, 8-4
05/25/01at Bethune-Cookman (NCAA Regionals)Tallahassee, Fla.W, 8-1
05/26/01at Auburn (NCAA Regional)Tallahasse, Fla.W, 10-6
05/27/01at Auburn (NCAA Regionals)Tallahassee, Fla.W, 9-6
06/01/01vs. UCF (NCAA Regional)Tallahassee, Fla.3:00 p.m. ET
06/02/01at Georgia (NCAA Super Regional- Game 1) TVAthens, Ga.L, 8-7
06/04/01at Georgia (NCAA Super Regional-Game 2) TVAthens, Ga.W, 11-6
 at Georgia TVAthens, Ga.L, 8-3

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