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2008-2009 SCHEDULE
DateOpponent / EventLocationTime / Result
09/12/08Thomasville InvitationalThomasville, Ga.All Day
09/13/08Thomasville InvitationalThomasville, Ga.All Day
09/14/08Thomasville InvitationalThomasville, Ga.All Day
09/19/08Chicago InvitationalChampaign, Ill.All Day
09/20/08Chicago InvitationalChampaign, Ill.All Day
09/21/08Chicago InvitationalChampaign, Ill.All Day
10/05/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/06/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/07/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/08/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/09/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/10/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/11/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/12/08All-American ChampionshipsTulsa, Okla.All Day
10/16/08Mideast RegionalsChapel Hill, N.C.All Day
10/17/08Mideast RegionalsChapel Hill, N.C.All Day
10/18/08Mideast RegionalsChapel Hill, N.C.All Day
10/19/08Mideast RegionalsChapel Hill, N.C.All Day
10/20/08Mideast RegionalsChapel Hill, N.C.All Day
10/21/08Mideast RegionalsChapel Hill, N.C.All Day
11/01/08Seminole InvitationalTallahassee, Fla.All Day
11/02/08Seminole InvitationalTallahassee, Fla.All Day
11/03/08Seminole InvitationalTallahassee, Fla.All Day
11/06/08National Indoors (Individual)Charlottesville, Va.All Day
11/07/08National Indoors (Individual)Charlottesville, Va.All Day
11/08/08National Indoors (Individual)Charlottesville, Va.All Day
11/09/08National Indoors (Individual)Charlottesville, Va.All Day
01/09/09Saddlebrook InvitationalTampa, Fla.All Day
01/10/09Saddlebrook InvitationalTampa, Fla.All Day
01/11/09Saddlebrook InvitationalTampa, Fla.All Day
01/17/09Tennessee TechTallahassee, Fla.12:00 p.m. ET
 Florida AtlanticTallahassee, Fla.W, 5-2
01/19/09at South FloridaTampa, Fla.L, 5-2
01/24/09TexasTallahassee, Fla.L, 4-2
01/28/09Notre DameSouth Bend, Ind.W, 4-3
01/31/09Duke (National Indoors First Round)University Park, Pa.W, 5-0
02/01/09Oklahoma St. (National Indoors Second Round)University Park, Pa.W, 4-3
02/08/09South AlabamaTallahassee, Fla.W, 5-2
02/13/09Georgia (National Indoors Round of 16)Chicago, Ill.L, 4-1
02/14/09Mississippi (National Indoors Consol.)Chicago, Ill.L, 4-1
02/15/09Michigan (National Indoor Consols)Chicago, Ill.W, 4-3
02/16/09National IndoorsChicago, Ill.All Day
02/20/09FurmanTallahassee, Fla.W, 7-0
02/22/09RiceTallahassee, Fla.W, 4-3
02/28/09MiamiTallahassee, Fla.W, 4-3
03/03/09FloridaTallahassee, Fla.L, 5-2
03/07/09ClemsonClemson, S.C.W, 6-1
03/09/09Georgia TechAtlanta, Ga.W, 5-2
03/12/09PepperdineMalibu, Calif.W, 4-3
03/20/09DukeDurham, N.C.W, 5-2
03/22/09North CarolinaChapel Hill, N.C.W, 5-2
03/27/09Virginia TechTallahassee, Fla.5:00 p.m. ET
03/29/09VirginiaTallahassee, Fla.L, 4-3
04/03/09Wake ForestWinston-Salem, N.C.L, 4-2
04/05/09at North Carolina St.Raleigh, N.C.W, 6-1
04/10/09MarylandTallahassee, Fla.W, 7-0
04/12/09Boston CollegeTallahassee, Fla.W, 7-0
04/17/09vs. Duke (ACC Championships)Cary, N.C.W, 4-1
04/18/09vs. Virginia (ACC Championships) TVCary, N.C.L, 4-0
05/08/09vs. Jacksonville State (NCAA First Round)Tallahassee, Fla.W, 4-0
05/09/09Auburn (NCAA Second Round)Tallahassee, Fla.W, 4-1
05/14/09vs. Virginia (NCAA Round of 16)College Station. TexasL, 4-2
05/20/09NCAA Singles Round of 64College Station, TexasAll Day
05/21/09NCAA Singles and Doubles Round of 32College Station, TexasAll Day
05/22/09NCAA Singles and Doubles Round of 16College Station, TexasAll Day
05/23/09NCAA Singles and Doubles QuarterfinalsCollege Station, TexasAll Day
05/24/09NCAA Singles and Doubles SemifinalsCollege Station, TexasAll Day
05/25/09NCAA Singles and Doubles FinalsCollege Station, Texas1:00 p.m. ET

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