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Day 9: Fun In The Sun And On The Court

Aug. 20, 2000

Day 9 Photo Gallery

By junior Angela Sutton

Today’s adventure started out with a refreshing breakfast in the hotel
restaurant. Breakfast lasted from 7 to 10 a.m., and it was optional. We
were given free time until 4:00 p.m., to go to the beach, which was just a
block from our hotel, go shopping or do whatever we wanted. Just about
everyone spent the day at the beach, either laying out in the sun or
on the many beach toys that “Beach Florida,” as it was called, provided.

once again went tubing, as I did yesterday. April (Traylor), Katelyn
(Vujas), Shinikki (Whiting) and I went together. It was a blast and
although we were really tired after all of the water rides, it was worth

My teammates waited their turns to para-sail, go tubing or jet skiing
I layed in the sun and listened to my music and watched all of the
walk around in their questionable swimming attire.

By the time 4:00 rolled around, we had about as much sun and fun that we
could handle. We ate a wonderful pregame meal in the hotel. The food was
delicious. We had spaghetti with marinara sauce, chicken crepes with a
mushroom sauce, fried scalloped potatoes and broccoli. Following our
we had just enough time to rest for awhile before our last European game
against Nice Universite. The gym was only about 10 minutes from our
so we didn’t have to leave until 7 p.m. The gym was the worst of the four
we played in on the trip. It was so hot and stuffy. I am not even sure
there were any windows in the whole place. It was so hot that we went
outside and sat at halftime. Aside from the poor playing conditions, the
officiated was also the worst of all games. We had a slow start, probably
because we had had a full day of fun in the sun, but we managed to pull
another victory to go a perfect 4-0. The game was very physical and
Nice players hit the floor and when they did, instead of getting right up,
many of them cried and carried on. They were very dramatic. I guess they
weren’t used to playing the game as physical and we play. One girl bit
through her lip fighting for a rebound with Lauren (Bradley) and she had
leave to get stitches. After the game, the Nice team had a reception for
with pizza and pastries. They set out drinks for us as well. The drinks
were in cans and all looked the same. Brooke (Wyckoff) grabbed a beer,
thinking it was a Coke, but before she drank it, Nikki (Whiting) told her
what it was. We had to tell them “no beer,” so they wouldn’t keep
it out for us. Beer at a postgame meal – now that’s a new one!

Since we had played our last game, Coach Sue let us go out to experience
some “night life.” Most of us went to a club to dance called the
while others did some late-night shopping or went out to eat. We danced
night to music from the ’80’s. I think today was the most fun day of the
trip. The beach, the game and the dancing made it really great. We all
really enjoyed ourselves.

I would like to wish my good friend Shanna a Happy Birthday! I hope you
get all you wished for and more. Also a big “I love you” to my puppy Kam
who is at home awaiting my return.

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