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Day Five: Finally, We Play Ball!

Aug. 15, 2000

  • Seminoles Women’s Basketball Squad Defeats A.L.G.M., 86-40
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    By Junior April Traylor

    The morning started out with the traditional yogurt, hard bread, slimy eggs
    and pulpy orange juice. After our delightful breakfast we had yet another
    tour, this one was to the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere. In English, a
    very big and pretty church. We were not able to go inside because a Mass
    was going on, but we took pictures outside and saw a dynamic view of Lyon.

    We then headed to an outdoor court for practice. The backboards were small
    and they didn’t have nets, but worst of all was the broken glass all over
    the court. Despite the distractions, we did our best to get a few shots and
    drills in. We then went back to the hotel to rest and eat pregame meal. The
    meal was simple. We had salad, broccoli and cheese, hard rolls and
    spaghetti. We had some time to rest before we had to leave for the game
    against A.L.G.M.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say the rest was very
    much needed!
    My expectations were high as we left for the gym. I really didn’t know
    what to expect the gym to look like, considering how our practice went. The
    gym was very small, dark and warm with no ventilation. But we were still
    excited to play and we put our shoes on and took the court. It felt good to
    be back in the swing of things and actually get to play some ball. (After
    all we did come to play right?)

    We actually had some “French fans” in the
    stands and some of our support staff taught them the war chant. It was
    great. Before we left home, we went over some of the international rules
    and regulations we thought we were going to need to know, like using a men’s
    ball, having a jump ball after each tie up, the backcourt 10-second
    violation, just to name a few.

    To start things off, we played with a worn
    out women’s ball that didn’t have any grip. It may have taken us a little
    while to adjust back to the women’s ball, but it didn’t take us long to put
    points on the scoreboard! We found out quickly that we were going to get
    pushed around and when we pushed back it was not allowed. And I can’t
    remember how many times they called traveling on us while letting the other
    team take three steps with a jump stop before shooting the ball.

    At first,
    we got a little upset, but as the game went on we adjusted and just laughed
    it off. Good thing these stats didn’t count against us! Before I knew it,
    we were winning 42-22 at the half.

    The second half we allowed them to score only 18 points while we ran our
    score up to 86. After the game, we headed back to our hotel for another
    light meal. This meal was the best meal yet and it was just lunch meat
    sandwiches. I think it was the first time Angela (Sutton) had eaten since
    we’d been here. Of course, she ate enough for the rest of the trip.

    whole time she was eating, in between breaths, she would tell us over and
    over how good it was.

    It was getting late, so we headed up to bed so we can do it all again
    tomorrow in Switzerland.

    I want to wish Mike at home a very special birthday. I miss you!

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