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Day Four: Parting Paris

Aug. 14, 2000

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    By Sophomore Lauren Bradley

    We didn’t leave Paris until 1 p.m., which gave everyone one last
    opportunity to finish up their shopping in the morning. The bus ride was
    about seven hours to Lyon, so most took this extra time to catch up on their
    sleep. I, on the other hand, wrote for about two hours in my own personal
    journal about our experience in Paris. I decided to write in detail about
    every event that took place so I could share it with my friends and family
    when I return home.

    We all thought all of the compact cars and scooters were really fun and
    interesting. Everyone agreed that I would fit in perfectly since I own a
    scooter myself. I think we all agreed that we were not used to a culture
    that is frequently rude and has a unique smell (pepe le pew). And after
    viewing all of the public displays of affection I now truly know where “The
    French Kiss” originated.

    As a group I think I can speak for us all when I
    say that our lungs have experienced a lot of exposure to second-hand smoke,
    but there were also many good things about Paris. All of the architecture
    and history behind the French culture was an amazing experience. At times I
    felt as if I was living in a Hollywood movie.

    The pictures and memories
    everyone will take away from this trip are ones that will last a lifetime.
    We were introduced to “The French Hot Dog”, “Coca Cola Light”, no ice, no
    air conditioning, and a traffic system that seems to run itself in circles
    where pedestrians never have the right of way. Oh, and how can we forget the
    crowded streets, numerous cafes, and endless streets of beautiful artwork.

    We finally arrived at our hotel in Lyon around 8:30 p.m., after driving in
    Lyon for about an hour to find it. Tony, our bus driver, stopped buses,
    driving cars and people on the street to ask directions. It was really
    funny. We all went as a group to a local restaurant called Pizza Pino that
    was packed with people and desert hot. Everyone enjoyed their meals and the
    service was very good. We walked back to our hotel and went right up to our
    rooms so we could all get rest for tomorrow when we play our first game.

    Just wanted to say hi to all our families and to the Davies. We love you
    and miss you.

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