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Day Three: The Seminoles Meet ‘The Mona’

Aug. 13, 2000

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    By junior Lakesha Springle

    Today started with an early wake up call. It took me forever to pull
    myself from the warmth of my bed. We had breakfast and got set to leave at
    10:30 a.m. When we (the team) got on the bus, excitement filled my body
    because today was the day we were going to see the Mona Lisa (or “The Mona”
    as April would call it). The first stop though was to Rodin’s “The
    Thinker.” We posed for a picture and all looked as if we were “thinking”

    We didn’t stay there long, because we were all anxious to see
    “The Mona.” As our bus pulled up to the Louvre, we saw that the people
    waiting in the lines were never ending. After waiting for awhile to get in,
    we had two hours to see it all. Running around like chickens with our heads
    cut off looking for “The Mona,” was very eventful. When we finally found it
    we could not get within 10 feet of it, because of the people that surrounded
    it. I was a little upset at first, but then I thought “well at least
    I got
    to see it from 30 feet.” A lot of people have never even gotten that close.

    After we left the biggest art museum in the world, we stopped for lunch at
    a local caf? and then headed to Sacre Coeur. The Sacre Coeur is a beautiful
    church with one of the best views of Paris that I have seen. We once again
    posed for pictures. It was a long way up to the church, but we made it.
    Outside the back of the church were several little shops with anything and
    everything you could imagine in them. It went from postcards to paintings
    by Van Gogh. It was almost like a fair.

    We spent most of our time shopping.
    Sitting down at a caf? on the street, my trusty former teammate Latavia
    Coleman spotted me from across the way. As she looked both ways before
    crossing (the driving here is crazy), she was laughing and trying to talk at
    the same time. Of course I didn’t understand her.

    Finally I understood the
    words that were coming out of her mouth. She told me that there was a guy
    on the sidewalk with three pucks and one of the pucks had a white dot on it.
    The guy would scramble the pucks around and the people would have to pick
    out the one with the white dot. Then she told me that there were two other
    guys working with him and they were hustling people.

    Of course, being the
    curious American girl that I am, I had to go see what the deal was. We
    walked up and there were about 30 people standing around this little
    cardboard box with three pucks on them. We watched as these guys hustled
    all these people out of hundreds of dollars (franks).

    It was pretty funny
    to see.
    We met again as a group at 7 p.m., and boarded the bus for the hotel. We
    were on our own for dinner. Me and some of my teammates had a delicious
    Italian meal. Curfew was 11 p.m., which was no problem, because we were all
    tired from a full day of sight-seeing on our last day in Paris. Tomorrow,
    we hit the road for Lyon, where we’ll play our first game.

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