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Day Two Blog – Road Warriors

May 14, 2010

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Today marked the second day of the men’s tennis team in Athens, Ga. Today’s two blog posts come from the freshmen soccer-tennis members of the Road Warriors.

Freshman Jordan Kelly-Houston (Christchurch, New Zealand):

Hi People, Jordan here blogging for the team on day 2 of the trip. Today was a light day, starting with the sunrise and finishing with the sunfall. In between these two phenomenons the day took place. After sleeping peacefully at the Hilton Hotel, both the Road Warriors and the DreamTeam were well rested and ready for battle. After dominating the ACC Champs and the first day of the NCAA’s, the Road Warriors felt it was best to give the DreamTeam a little boost by allowing them to draw even with the first game of the day. The plan somewhat backfired when the DreamTeam squeaked out a 2nd win of the day to lead the trip 3-2 after day 2. After spending the first month of my FSU career with the DreamTeam I especially hate losing to them after they waived my no trade clause and sent me to the Road Warriors. I guess they believed I had no future with them but my skills have improved and I am hoping I can help the Road Warriors to complete domination over the DreamTeam.

The rest of the day was more directed towards preparing for our first match against the Boise State Broncos. We touched up on some doubles and grinded out a few service games in singles to complete our final training session before the tournament. Later in the afternoon we chilled out in our rooms and began focusing for tomorrow. Our goal for the trip is to qualify for the Round of 16 and our first step to achieving that is beating Boise State tomorrow. The last two weeks of training have been our best all year and everyone is feeling confident heading into the match. We will rep the Noles well tomorrow and take one step further in our quest for the gold. Dallllle Noles. I will leave everyone with a quote from Gimli son of Gloin, a character from Lord of the Rings.

“Give me your name, horse-master, and I shall Give you mine.”

Peace, Jordan Kelly-Houston

Freshman Connor Smith (Tampa, Fla.):

Hey everyone Connor here for the Seminoles Men’s tennis team. It was another hot day here at UGA, but we started the day on the indoor courts to get adjusted, just in case it rains tomorrow. It was a hard day today for soccer-tennis taking two losses to the B-low(less skilled) team called the DreamTeam. It was hard for all of us on the Road Warriors team because we rarely ever lose at anything.

After this we headed outside for a short rhythm hit. It was a short but good practice. You could tell that everyone was pumped up and ready for tomorrow. I started off playing some singles points with JY and working on a game plan for the match tomorrow, then Vah and I played some doubles with Mat and Nick to wrap up the day for tennis. Going to get some good rest tonight and be ready for the battle tomorrow. GO NOLES

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