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Day Two Of Football Practice At Florida State Interrupted By Rain

Aug. 7, 2003

Heavy thunderstorms that were accompanied by severe lightning cut short practice for the Florida State football team after the squad had completed 14 periods of a 24-period practice session. The team moved inside when the rain came and worked in the practice gymnasium in the Moore Athletic Center. The offense and the defense, practicing separately, worked for approximately 45 minutes each in the gymnasium.

Florida State had altered its practice session time from the afternoon to the morning in order to avoid the typical late-afternoon showers common to the Tallahassee area in the summer time.

“We moved practice to the morning so we could avoid the afternoon rain and for the first time it chased us off the field in the morning,” said head coach Bobby Bowden. “The rain knew we were going to practice so it changed its mind. We got in probably about two-thirds of practice. Our coaches came inside and tried to finish up the best they could. We would hate to think this is going to happen everyday. It would really hurt our plans.”

Practice began at 9:00 a.m. on the FSU Football Practice Fields and lasted until approximately 10:45 when it was halted because of the rain and lightning. The team, working in shorts, began with punting and punt block drills before splitting in position groups and working on fundamentals.

“We had a good practice again,” continued Bowden. “We are trying to throw a lot of offense and a lot of defense at them. We want them to learn the system and incorporate the freshman because this is the first time the freshmen come in the same time as the varsity. It has always been that the freshmen come in three days early. It puts a strain on you because the freshmen have to jump in there and act like they have been there for five years but the haven’t.

“Right now, we have done about everything we can do. Everybody looks like they are in pretty good shape,” he concluded.

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