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Day Two of FSU Women’s Basketball In Europe

Aug. 12, 2000

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    By Seniors Levys Torres and Lako Brown

    Bonjour Seminole fans! Today was a long but fun day. We started with
    breakfast in the hotel at 7:30 a.m. It wasn’t your usual breakfast
    buffet. Instead of eggs, grits and sausage – a good Southern breakfast –
    there was sour yogurt, not enough ham and cheese, hard rolls, tart orange
    juice but thank goodness for the cereal. The coffee was good too.

    boarded the bus at 8:15 a.m., but our tour guide, who was from Paris, was
    late because she couldn’t get a taxi. She asked us how to get a taxi in
    Paris! We finally left for the Palace of Versaille, where Louis XIII once
    lived. It was so big, we thought “wow.” We took pictures on the outside
    and then waited in line for a tour. The tour took us room by room and we
    saw some unbelievable paintings and decoration. It was amazing and
    beautiful and we took a lot of pictures. One room that we saw was where the
    people of the Palace came to see the queen give birth. Could you even
    imagine? It was very crowded and there was a lot of pushing and shoving –
    kind of like a Florida State-Florida football game.

    There were several
    groups of people from many different places in the world. Outside in the
    back of the Palace was a HUGE garden with many flowers, sculptured hedges,
    water fountains and statues. It was so big, we didn’t have enough time to
    go around the whole thing. It was beautiful and it felt like we were
    walking through the Garden of Eden. As we left, a group of us took a photo
    with a “court jester.”

    There were many peddlers trying to get us to buy
    souvenirs and post cards. We got back onto the bus and returned to Paris.
    We had about four hours for lunch and free time. We found an American-type
    restaurant that was a Chicago-style pizzeria. It cost 98 franks, or 21
    American dollars, for a two-person pizza with four slices! We were looking
    for a taste of home, and that was about as close as we were going to get.

    Some of us went shopping, and some of us went back to the hotel to nap.
    We met at 5:20 p.m., and left for dinner, as a group, at the Brasserie Caf?
    de la Paix. It was an awesome restaurant – by far the best meal we’ve had
    so far. Several of our group tried different foods like escargot and fish
    soup. Dinner took over two hours, but we enjoyed every minute of it –
    especially when dessert came. The vanilla ice cream was so rich, we
    couldn’t even finish a whole bowl. We left the restaurant and walked to the
    Opera House where we took more pictures.

    We boarded the bus and headed to the dock for an evening boat tour on the
    Seine River. We had a relaxing view of the sunset over Paris from the
    water. We saw the Eiffel Tour light up like a flashing Christmas tree and
    saw some familiar sites like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.
    And we
    took more pictures. It was nice to relax and spend time together after a
    long day.

    We learned a lot of interesting things today about French history. Even
    though it was an exhausting day, we wouldn’t change a thing! We really
    enjoyed ourselves.

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