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Defending The Basket With Freshman Casaan Breeden

Nov. 11, 2005

Casaan Breeden, one of the top freshmen in the ACC for the 2005-06 season, is an athletic forward who is capable of playing different positions and in different places on the court. He is a terrific leaper who can handle the ball, shoot well from the perimeter and defend on the ball. The Gatorade Player of the Year in South Carolina and the state Class 4A Player of the Year as a senior at Marlboro County High school sat down with to discuss his transition into college life and what he expects from the upcoming basketball season.

Why Did You Choose To Attend Florida State?
I wanted to come to Florida State because Coach Hamilton and Coach Jones did a great job of recruiting me while I was in high school. Also, it really touched my family when they came for a home visit. I just thought I could come down here and become a well rounded person and a better basketball player.

Some People Handle Pressure Differently. Some Would Say Being Highly Recruited Is Pressure. Do You Feel A Responsibility To Be Successful?
Earning the opportunity to go to college is a great accomplishment for me. Even if I don’t make it to the NBA or play after college I’ll plan on earning my degree and that in itself is something my family and I are going to be very proud of. It’s something I can show my kids and they’ll be proud of it too.

Florida State Has Always Had Strong Team Unity. Do You Feel You Fit In With Your Teammates.
I fit in with the guys pretty well. This year, as compared to previous years, everything is much better and we are coming together as a team and the chemistry between all of the players is very strong.

Everyone Has Something They Can Improve Upon. What Has Been The Biggest Improvement To Your Game Since Coming To Florida State? What Do You Feel You Can Improve On?
The biggest improvements I have made since arriving at Florida State have been playing hard at all times and working on my jump shot. I feel I need to continue working harder on ball handling and dribbling through pressure.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. Has Practice Helped Unify The Team And Did the Games In Trinidad And Tobago Help Unite The Squad?
Our practices, workouts and pick-up games have helped us become a much better team. We are definitely becoming a better team as the season approaches. We are coming along. Our trip to Trinidad helped us a whole lot. We are a team is that unselfish and we want to be great. A lot of these guys are just real unselfish.

Getting Acclimated To Campus Life Is Always Challenging. Did Coming To Florida State Early And Starting The Transition Period Before The Fall Rush Help You Make the Adjustment?
Being here in the summer definitely helped me make the transition. I learned where all the buildings were and where everything was so when the 30,000 people came it was a lot easier.

To Be Successful You Have To Be Willing To Do What Unsuccessful People Aren’t Willing To Do. That Means Putting In The Extra Effort. In Your Mind, Are You Willing To Become Successful Here At Florida State?
I plan to be very successful at Florida State. I go in the gym and work on my game by myself. I stay late after practice as well as a lot of other guys. It really shows through.

What Is One Sentence That Sums Up Your Experience Here At Florida State So Far?
My experience has been great.

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