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Deividas Dulkys: A True Seminole

April 28, 2009

Devidas Dulkys, freshman member of the men’s
basketball team, was born and raised in Lithuania
moved to the United States in 2005. He graduated
from Findley Prep in 2008 and joined the Seminole
community this fall.

1. Why did you decide to move to play basketball in the
United States.?

The reason I came to the United States was because I
wanted to play basketball and get an education. I can
still play basketball at home but I won’t get an education.
Here I can play basketball and get an education.
2. What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
I am going to try and play professionally, probably in
Europe. If not professionally, then I want to work with
International trades between the United States and
3. How is playing in high school different than playing in

The intensity and the speed are the most different
things in practice and games.
4. What made you choose to play at Florida State?
The coaching staff and the opportunity to each playing
time early during my career.
5. What do you do on your spare time?
I like to watch TV when we aren’t practicing because
everyday we have a twelve o’clock curfew. If it’s a game
day it’s at ten.
6. What is your favorite TV show?
True blood.
7. Who would you say your closet with?
My suitemates Luke, Jordan, and Simon, but I am close
with everyone else team.
8. Any lessons you have learned playing basketball?
I learn everyday. I’ve learned to change speeds, not to
rush things beacuse they will come to you and to take
your time. I am still learning.
9. What is your favorite NBA team?
I would say that I fell in love with the Phoenix Suns.
10. What do you prefer European or USA basketball?
I like the NBA when it comes to playoff time. Other
than that I like the European style of basketball.
10. What is the difference between European and USA

The people who play in Europe are not as athletic as
the players in the United States. They play more zone
and strategies which is more fun to watch. The European
game is more about team work.
11. Have you been to any playoff games?

A playoff game between Utah and the Houston
Rockets. I remember Yao Ming being really tall.
12. What did you learn about playing basketball and
Findlay Prep?

I learned a lot from it. The coaches and the program
taught me well. We all lived together and everyone was
from all over the world. The first year I lived there we
had nine international kids. We had six guys who went
division I schools.
13. What do you miss most about the prep school?
It was all like family.
14. What do you love most about coming here to Florida

It is everything I expected. The coaches are great, the
practices prepare you to play well in games and the
campus is beautiful. I love the weather.

by Stephanie Lowenstern
Sports Information Student Intern

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