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Despite A Little Bit Of Rain, FSU Football Gets In All 21 Periods

Oct. 3, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.It looked like the Seminole football team would suffer through another abbreviated practice on Wednesday. With menacing skies threatening to send the team inside, Florida State (3-1, 0-1) was able to make it through all 21 periods. The team did get some rain but it served more to cool them off then send them inside. FSU worked out in shells as the team continued its preparations for NC State (1-4, 0-2).





Head Coach Bobby Bowden
“Practice was pretty good today.  I didn’t see any let-up, they worked hard and did what they’re supposed to do.”


Bowden trivia:

“You remember De’Cody Fagg’s 70-yard touchdown against Alabama?  That happened here once before and won a game, that same play, back in 1965.  T.K. Wetherell did it against Baylor and I think we beat them 13-7.  He caught a little hitch-pass, turned and ran for a touchdown.”


News on injured players:

Neefy Moffett worked today. I think Budd Thacker tried to work but I saw him out of there a lot so I’m not sure if that was because he couldn’t move good enough or something like that.”


On whether or not to sit the injured players this week:

“We’ve got to have all the guns this week.  Once you lose a conference game your back is to the wall; we simply can’t afford to lose another one.  If NC State quits turning the ball over, that’s been their problem, you never know when they’ll get it out of their system.”


On how Andre Fluellen looks:

“Fluellen worked some today but we’re still very cautious with him.  He’s questionable for Saturday too.”


Wide Receiver Preston Parker

On the mood of the team

“It feels good. It feels better that we came off of a win instead of how it felt when we came off Clemson week, but it gave us a lot of confidence so we’re just ready to go out and win another.”


On coaches getting him more involved in the offense

“That’s going to continue to grow. We’re just going to keep working me in as the season goes on. I will get more plays, have me at quarterback and stuff like that. I’m excited. Anytime I’m on the field I’m excited just to make my team play better or help us win.”


On getting back to playing ACC games

“We need to prove that we can be the top of the ACC. Everyone is underrating us. We just came off of a big win and we’ve got to keep getting big wins like that especially now that we are going to be playing ACC teams week after week.”


Budd Thacker

On what he did at practice

“I did all of the individual work. I went in a little bit against the scouts but that’s about it for the most part. I got in about a half of practice. It’s (toe) getting there, it feels good to me but the thing is, whenever I come off, I’m favoring it a lot. I’m not taking a good step the way I was, but it’s getting there, we’ll get there.


On being able to push off:

“That was the thing. We were doing some angle steps and I was having trouble taking off, taking the right step. It’s getting there. Saturday is a possibility.”


On how bad he wants to play:

“You have no idea. Words don’t even explain it. They (NC State) beat us last year and we’ve got to get after them.  Of course, if I’m not in there, I’m going to go over there and get on them (his teammates) when they do bad and get on them when they do good. We’ve just got to keep it up the entire game, make sure everybody keeps their head in the game, stays focused and plays hard. Probably Saturday around game time we will make the final call, we’ll go through the warm-ups same as last week, see how I do and then that’s when they’ll make the final word.”

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