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Doak Insider Podcast – Mock Draft – Florida State University

Doak Insider Podcast – Mock Draft – Florida State University


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Doak Insider Podcast - Mock Draft

The crew from the Doak Insider Podcast has made their picks for the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. What do you think of the picks? Let us know below and we will post the comments.

No Team Player Needs College Comments
1. Marcell Dareus (DT) DT, QB, CB Alabama Kotick: Dareus is the most dominant defensive threat in this year's draft, and the Panthers need to take a sure fire playmaker with their first pick. Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert are too risky, and Dareus provides them with an immediate defensive stopper.
2. Patrick Peterson (CB) CB, DT, LB LSU Herdt: The Broncos desperately need to upgrade their defense and before the draft it was a toss-up between Peterson and Dareus. With Dareus off the board, drafting Peterson was a no-brainer. Denver now has an elite tandem of corners in Champ Bailey and Peterson.
3. Cam Newton (QB) QB, LB, DT Auburn Pensy:  Buffalo has a lot of needs but QB is the largest.  If Newton is still on the board at three this may be the fastest pick made on Thursday night.  Newton will bring instant energy to this maligned franchise.
4. Blaine Gabbert (QB) QB, CB, WR Missouri Mellor: Carson Palmer doesn't want to play in Cincinnati anymore and who can blame him. Blaine Gabbert is the second-highest rated QB in this draft and I am sure he'd love to play there. Win-win.
5. Von Miller (LB) LB, QB,   G Texas A&M Kotick: The guy is just an athletic freak, and can play in the prototypical 3-4 hybrid NFL defensive scheme at either outside linebacker or defensive end. He's also got blazing speed and the Cardinals need a sure fire defensive playmaker in the first round.
6. A.J. Green (WR) DL, WR,  G Georgia Herdt: I couldn't make this pick fast enough. The Browns would be running victory laps around their war room if Green falls to them at pick six. Green gives them a legitimate number one receiver who can stretch the field and make the tough catch. Pairing Green and Colt McCoy would give Cleveland fans a lot to look forward to for years to come.
Julio Jones * (WR) C, WR, RB Alabama Pensy:  The Dolphins want to move up to get the other elite WR in the draft after A.J. Green comes off the board. Jones will add the speed Miami desperately needs.
8. Robert Quinn (DE) DE, QB, LB North Carolina Mellor: Same reason Houston drafted Mario Williams several years ago. You play in the same division as Peyton Manning; you need an elite pass rusher. Quinn is that guy.
9. Anthony Castonzo (OT) OT, DE,    S Boston College Kotick: Castonzo is probably the smartest offensive lineman in this year's draft, and will help the Cowboys out immediately at the offensive tackle position. I know they're looking for a replacement for Columbo at tackle, and Castonzo is the safest pick here to make an immediate impact.
10. J.J. Watt (DE) DE, QB, LB Wisconsin Herdt: Washington is in a tough position at pick number 10. While I think they will most likely trade down, if they keep this pick they need to upgrade their pass rush and with all of the issues with Albert Haynesworth they would never consider Nick Fairley here. Watt may be a stretch at number 10, but he best fits the Redskins 3-4 scheme and could become a dominant end.
11. Prince Amakumara (CB) LB, CB,    S Nebraska Pensy:  Houston might not want to use this pick for the second year in a row on a corner but Amakumara is too hard to pass up.
12. Jake Locker (QB) QB, CB, DT Washington Mellor: Maybe a bit high for Locker but why not? No. 4 isn't lacing up his ancient cleats anymore (hopefully) and the Joe Webb/Tarvarious Jackson combo doesn't scare anyone.
13. Ryan Kerrigan (DE) DE, LB, CB Purdue Kotick: The Lions desperately need a solid pass rusher off the edge with speed and power. Kerrigan is the best pick here and can help out the Lions' struggling defense.
14. Nick Fairley (DT) DL, WR,  G Auburn Herdt: Fairley is another no-brainer for the Rams at number 14. The only reason he could possibly fall here is because of character concerns. At his best, Fairley could be NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year with his ability to get into the backfield and wreak havoc. At worst, he will take plays off and earn a personal foul penalty every game. Either way, you can't pass on a talent like this if you are St. Louis.
Christian Ponder * (QB) QB, LB, CB Florida State Pensy:  The 49ers drop back into the middle of the first round and land the quarterback that first-year head coach Jim Harbaugh can build his team around.
16. DaQuan Bowers (DE) DE, LB,    S Clemson Mellor: Knee and "one-year wonder" concerns surround Bowers but the guy has as much upside as anyone in this draft. He's a great value at for this slot in the draft.
17. Aldon Smith (DE)  DE,  G,  RB Pittsburgh Kotick: The Patriots play that 3-4 defense with Vince Wilfork clogging up everything in the middle. So the best pick here would be Smith, who can play that hybrid linebacker-defensive end position and create havoc off the edge. The Patriots would love to be able to pick him up so late here.
18. Cameron Jordan (DE) DE, LB, WR California Herdt: San Diego needs to upgrade their pass rush and since defensive ends are flying off the board the Chargers have to take the best available and that is Cameron Jordan. Jordan is one of the most powerful ends in the draft who not only plays the run, but can also rush the passer effectively.
19. Mike Pouncey (C) C,   LB, DT Florida Pensy:  The Giants take Pouncey in hopes tha he will develop into the instant impact player his brother Maurkice was last year for the Steelers.
20. Adrian Clayborn (DE)  DE,  LB,  TE Iowa Mellor: The Bucs have cornerstones at defensive tackle thanks to an impressive draft haul last year. Now it's time to focus on upping the skill level on the ends.
21. Gabe Carimi (OT) OT, WR, LB Wisconsin Kotick: Another great offensive tackle, and the reigning Outland Trophy winner. The Chiefs are looking offensive line for the first round, and Carimi fits that mold of a guy who can play in the league 12 years and be in the pro bowl almost every season. Jamaal Charles should be a happy camper.
22. Nate Solder (OT) OT, WR,  S Colorado Herdt: Another choice made easy since all of the other tackles the Colts are looking at are already off the board. Solder is a much better pass blocker than run blocker, which is perfect for the the Peyton Manning led Colts. We all know Indianapolis is going to take a tackle in round one and based on who is available Solder is that guy.
23. Tyron Smith (OT)  G,  CB,  OT Southern Cal Pensy:  The Eagles need a lot of help up front and Smith is a logical choice to replace Winston Justice. The Eagles would also look to take a Guard if either Carimi or Castanzo are still available.
24. Corey Liuget (DT) DE, LB, RB Illinois Mellor: The Saints have a bigger need at defensive end but Liuget is too good to pass up at this point. He has a strong, never-slowing motor. Basically he's too "Liuget" to quit. Yeah, I went there.
25. Andy Dalton (QB) QB, DE, CB TCU Kotick: The Seahawks need a QB, plain and simple. Ryan Mallett does not fit Pete Carroll's offensive scheme in Seattle, and he needs a dual-threat QB who can make plays with his feet. Dalton is the perfect fit for Seattle here, and he's a guy you can build your organization around for the next few years.
26. Jimmy Smith (CB) CB, LB, OT Colorado Herdt: Again, I see the Ravens being a team who might trade out of the first round with a team looking to take a quarterback, but if they keep this pick, Jimmy Smith is too good to pass up at number 26. Easily a top 15 pick without the red flags, Smith is the type of corner who loves to play press coverage. A team with leaders like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed can easily get Smith to toe the company line, plus he has the swagger that the Ravens love.
27. Cameron Heyward (DE) DE, WR, LB Ohio State Pensy:  Defensive end has to be the number one priority for the Falcons and Heyward is the best option left on the board.  
28. Mark Ingram (RB)  DE,  G,  RB Alabama Mellor: Can he regain that Heisman form? Ingram has question marks but he's the top back in this draft. New England needs a running back and is the best at turning question marks into answers.
29. Derek Sherrod (OT) OT, DT,   G Mississippi State Kotick: The Bears definitely are looking offensive line, and Sherrod is the best guy left on the board at this point. If you're Chicago, you've got to be looking to beef up your O-line, and Sherrod provides you depth and talent in the same breath.
30. Marvin Austin (DT) LB, DT, OT North Carolina Herdt: If there were a match made in heaven it would definitely be Marvin Austin and the New York Jets. Austin is a guy with top five talent, but because of his year long suspension, has dropped this far and fallen off of a lot of teams draft boards. Rex Ryan will have no problem whatsoever taking a chance on a guy with Austin's abilities, not to mention he fits a need considering the Jets lost Kris Jenkins to an ACL injury in each of the last two seasons.
31. Danny Watkins (G)  G,  CB,  DE Baylor Pensy:  The Steelers would love to add another Pouncey to their line but that looks unlikely.  They still have to find help to protect Roethlisberger and Watkins at 31 would be the steal of the first round.
32. Martez Wilson (LB) DE, LB, DT Illinois Mellor: Unlike every other team, the Pack don't have any pressing first-round needs. That's why they're picking last. They'll go with the best available player regardless of position.

* - Projected first round trade

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