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Dr. Bernard Sliger Bio

  Dr. Bernard Sliger
Dr. Bernard Sliger

Hall of Fame Class:
1991 (Moore-Stone Award)

They called him “Bernie” and that in itself may tell you something about the man who served as Florida State University’s President from 1976 through his retirement in 1991. Marvelously effective as a leader and universally popular as a human being, Dr. Bernard F. Sliger guided FSU through 15 years of unprecedented growth and achievement. It was not a coincidence that Florida State’s athletic fortunes exploded during Sliger’s tenure as President. Always a proponent of a strong athletic program and its place among college campus life, Bernie brought in strong administrators and pushed for coaches that not only knew how to win, but could win with integrity. So sound was Sliger’s philosophy regarding college athletics that he became one of the prime national movers in setting standards and giving direction from his position on the prestigious NCAA Council. And as Sliger bade farewell he left a final legacy for the ages. For under his hand, FSU abandoned its independent status and aligned itself with the nation’s most highly-regarded academic and athletic conference, the ACC. Dr. Bernie Sliger will be remembered for many, many things as time goes by, but he’ll certainly remain most dear to those who follow and support FSU athletics.

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