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Drew Brunson Sets High Goals

June 13, 2008

Speed, explosiveness and commitment are just a few words that can describe Drew Brunson, an indoor national champion in 60m hurdles and a member of the winning 4x100m men’s relay.

After transferring from Tennessee, Brunson began his road to success at Florida State. The knowledge and support of the Seminoles’ coaching staff as well as the resources that FSU offers its student-athletes were the major reasons for Brunson’s transfer.

“I left Tennessee because of the coaching situation. The coaching staff at FSU is good and I was offered a full scholarship. FSU is also closer to home (Snellville, GA),” explained Brunson.

Before Brunson became a successful collegiate hurdler, he tried different events. He began his experience with track and field at age of 12 and it took him years to find his favorite event.

“I started when I was 12 yrs old. Ran the 100, 200 and 4×100 relay. I ran for two seasons and then stopped. I started running again freshman year in high school. I did events like high jump, 100m and 200m. I started 110 high hurdles freshman year of college at University of Tennessee. I stopped jumping because I wanted to focus more on the hurdles which I excelled,” said Brunson.

As an indoor national champion and a high level collegiate athlete, Brunson needs to deal with pressure. His way to relax is by reading books. His favorite author is Dan Brown. Among his preferred books are Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”. Brunson also has his way to prepare himself for big events.

“I like to listen to music to calm me the night before. I eat a healthy filling meal the night before and a big breakfast the day of. It is important to me that I read a lot to relax my body and mind. Finally, I visualize my race,” Brunson explains.

As a senior, Brunson is in the final stretch of his career at FSU. The outdoor NCAA Championships in Iowa give him an opportunity to win another title as a student-athlete. His goals are to win 110m hurdles and help his team reach for the title in 4×100 relay.

After the first two days of competition at the NCAA Championships in Des Moines, Iowa, Brunson qualified to semifinals in 110m hurdles with a career best 13.40 and helped the 4×100 relay to qualify to finals. The NCAA Championships will conclude his career at FSU.

However, the end of Brunson’s college eligibility does not mean the end of his track career.

“My goal after the nationals is to compete at the Olympic trials and hopefully make the Olympic team. If I do not make it, I am going to run overseas for the summer,” Brunson said.

Brunson’s talent, speed and explosiveness maybe me inborn, but without the commitment and hard work he puts in, we could not speak about his success. His motivation comes from within, but it is also his parents’ support which gives Drew the strength to hopefully soon reach his goals.

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