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Ed Williamson Bio

  Ed Williamson
Ed Williamson

Hall of Fame Class:
1987 (Coaches and Administration)

Just weeks before the newly co-educational Florida State University was to begin football in 1947 it tabbed a true pioneer as its first head coach in Ed Williams. He had little equipment and players who were largely strangers to him and to each other. His team did not even have a nickname nor the school a symbol. Williamson continued to teach full time and received no supplement for coaching. When he asked for money to scout his first opponent, Stetson, President Campbell asked, “Do you mean you want to spy on them?” Williamson’s team went 0-5, but played three opponents on even terms. Some one had to begin and Ed Williamson did it with good humor, good sense and dignity. He remained a staunch supporter of the program he whistled into existence.

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