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Fall Baseball Q & A

Sept. 22, 2009

by FSU Sports Information Student Assistant, Ultima Rogers

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – With the fall baseball season in full swing, took some time out this week to visit with a few of the returning players to find out how their summer went and to get their perspective on the upcoming year.

FSU Sports Information Student Assistant Ultima Rogers recently sat down with senior outfielder Ohmed Danesh (Orlando, FL) to get his thoughts. Here is what Ohmed had to say:

Q: What is the team looking like this year?
A: Good, we weren’t able to practice all last week due to rain but we’ve been doing a lot of “four man.” We got to practice Sunday and from what I hear we are doing really well and we’re going to be a good ball club.

Q: What do you think the new guys will bring to the plate this year?
A: A lot of the new guys are strong this year. They know how to play the game. They’ve been playing all their lives; so that’s a good start. All the years I’ve played, a lot of the freshmen come in and they look good. They come out here, they’re strong and they’re competitive and that’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking for a good group of men and that’s what they’ve been so far.

Q: Have you noticed any growth from over the summer from any of the returning players?
A: Oh yeah, you have players like James Ramsey who was new to the outfield last year; looking at him now out there, he’s real smooth and he can hit. We’ve got (Stephen) Cardullo coming back who had a great year last year and he’s looking better. We’ve got (Sean) Gilmartin ready to play. All the returners are ready to play. Mike McGee who’s hopefully going to have another great year. Then we have (Tyler) Holt and Stu (Tapley) so we look like we’re going to be good.

Q: What did you do over the summer to prepare yourself for the upcoming season?
A: Well, I didn’t play summer baseball but I did a lot of training. I wanted to lose quite a bit amount of weight. I was able to do that and get a little bit faster and a little more agile when it comes to playing in the outfield. Hopefully this year I can show I have a little more range in the outfield; maybe a little more stamina. That’s what I hope to bring this year.

Q: What is your favorite baseball superstition?
A: I don’t believe in superstitions. It’s kind of funny my superstition is to have superstitions. That really is the truth.

Q: What is your favorite pre-game ritual?
A: I listen to a speech before every game. It’s the “Any Given Sunday” speech. I listen to that before every single game.

Q: If you could play any other sport what would it be?
A: Right now it would probably have to be volleyball. I’ve been playing that quite a bit. If I could do any sport though, it would be cycling.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete?
A: Manny Ramirez.

Q: What is your favorite personal baseball achievement?
A: Probably being able to go to the College World Series a couple years ago in Omaha.

Q: Favorite superhero and why?
A: I have to pick Green Lantern. He has a ring and he thinks of whatever he wants and the ring makes it happen. Say he wants to fly; he thinks it and he can fly. He can be whatever he wants to be as long as the ring lets him be it.

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