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Fall Focus: Geoff Parker

Oct. 6, 2009

by FSU Sports Information Student Assistant, Ultima Rogers

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – As the Florida State baseball team enters its third week of fall practice, the Seminoles continue to gear up for what should be an exciting season in 2010.

This week Seminoles.com continued its fall focus chatting with some of the student-athletes who spent the past summer playing in the northeast in the prestigious Cape Cod League.

Student assistant Ultima Rogers sat down with these players to get an idea of what life was like in Massachusetts over the summer. On Tuesday, junior righthander Geoff Parker shared his thoughts on his experience in the Cape Cod League.

Q: What made you accept the invitation to play in the Cape Cod League?
A: I heard how much fun it was and it’s a really good league to play in.

Q:What was your first reaction when you received your invitation?
A: I was surprised. A Cape Cod invitation is awesome. I heard it was a very prestigious thing to achieve so I was really surprised and happy.

Q: What team did you play for?
A: Harwich Mariners

Q: What was your team like?
A: I would say they were mixed with a lot of different people. It was a great group of guys; real fun and fun to play with. There was never a dull moment. It was a great team; I just loved it.

Q: How did it differ from your Florida State team?
A: Florida State is a lot of people form Florida and Georgia, and we have one kid from California. Here they’re all mostly from down south. Up there, I was playing with people from Kentucky, Tennessee, New Jersey, Chicago, guys from all over the country pretty much. That’s really the only difference. The skill level was pretty much the same. You’re playing with high level guys because you need that kind of skill to play in college.

Q: Did you live with a host family? And if so describe the experience?
A: Yes I did. It was different. I’ve never really lived with a host family before. MaryAnn was my host mom…she loved baseball so she came to every single game and took pictures. It was a good experience.

Q: Did playing with a new group of people help excel your talent?
A: I would have to say yes. Getting to know other people and getting to know how they play and how they got where they are taught me how I could possibly improve myself.

Q: Best taste of Cape…what was the best meal you had while you were living in the Cape over the summer?
A: I had some great Chicken Parmesan. We also went to this pizza place called Georgia’s Pizza. It was the best pizza I’ve probably ever had.

Q: How did you spend your free time up there while you weren’t playing baseball?
A: Video games were probably the number one thing I did. I went to the beach a lot and even hit up a couple of lakes. I basically hung out with a couple of my buddies that I made up there. I went to the movies and did pretty much anything to pass the time.

Q: What did you take away from playing in the Cape Cod League over the summer that you can bring to Florida State this season?
A: Have fun. This is a gift what we’re doing right now–playing college ball. Not many people get to do it. So I just learned to play and have fun.

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