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Ferociously Calm

Nov. 5, 2006

At 6-3 and 230 pounds, junior linebacker Lawrence Timmons is known on the field for big hits and an intense style of play.

Quite a few terms come to mind when describing Timmons’ attributes on the field: intense, explosive, relentless, fiery and hardworking.

Right from each snap, he does not stop until the whistle blows to end each play.

Following spring practice in 2006, Timmons earned the Hinesman Award as the most dominant overall player, was named the defensive MVP and won the “Big Hitter” award. However, what most people do not know about Timmons is that his fierce nature on the field is quite different from his more reserved personality off the field.

Wide receivers think twice about coming across the middle because they know Timmons is waiting there for them.

Opposing quarterbacks keep a keen eye out for Timmons because of his relentless pursuit of the opposing quarterback on each play.

He shows his versatility on the field; rushing the quarterback, dropping back into coverage or playing as a gunner on special teams play. Even at second-string linebacker, last year, Timmons compiled impressive stats including two blocked punts, two forced fumbles, one recovered fumble, three sacks, three-and-a-half tackles for loss and six quarterback hurries. He finished second among the Seminoles’ non-starters with 35 tackles. His statistics this year have been even more impressive through seven games — two blocked kicks, one fumble return for touchdown, three sacks and nine tackles for loss. Timmons ranked third on the team with 30 tackles.

There is no doubt that Timmons makes big plays on the field and people are taking notice, especially the Florida State coaches.

“Lawrence is ferociously calm,” executive head coach Kevin Steele said. “The guy is wicked when he strikes you. He plays so fast and so hard, and he’s such a big hitter. He makes big plays and knows where the ball is all the time; but at the same time he’s so calm.”

Florida State has a reputation for producing dominant playmakers at linebacker, with the likes of Derrick Brooks, Marvin Jones and most recently Ernie Sims. This year is no different with Timmons, replacing yet another first round
draft pick at outside linebacker in Sims.

In a rare occurrence during the spring, defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews presented Timmons with the “hit stick.” The “hit stick,” normally given out to a player during the regular season, was awarded to Timmons midway through the spring.

Timmons is without a doubt an intense and fiery player out on the field, but how does this compare to his off the field life?

Timmons describes himself as a “pretty normal guy.” He enjoys playing with his pit bull, hitting golf balls at the Seminole Golf Course driving range, listening to music and playing video games.

What you might not expect from Timmons is his talent in the kitchen.

“I like to cook,” Timmons said. “Sometimes being in college a lot of kids go out to eat, but I get tired of that. I buy a bunch of food and just cook it.”

In the kitchen, Timmons is especially proud of making his own chocolate chip ice cream.

“I think it’s better homemade when you can make it like you want,” Timmons said. Timmons likes to get away from the football field by hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range, and likes to play basketball with his teammates during the off-season.

After spring practice ends, he can often be found playing softball at the intramural fields.
Seminole quarterback Xavier Lee describes Timmons as, “a real mellow, quiet guy who is very funny and pretty much the opposite of what he is on the field.”

Although Lee jokingly disagrees, Timmons claims to make a killer salsa dip while watching the NFL games on Sunday.

“I make my own little salsa dip, just chill and watch games,” said Timmons of his Sunday routine. “We just have a good time and joke around; we do that all the time.”

Timmons has his own taste in music that Lee calls, “interesting,” whereas Timmons likes to say that he “likes to listen to old school music, 70s’ style.”

As big a hitter and as well known as Timmons is, perhaps his biggest fan is not even aware of his talents on the field.

“I have a little pit bull (Cali) and she helps me get through everything,” Timmons said.

“With dogs, she’s always going to be happy. I can be in the worst mood and she’s always wagging her tail, jumping all over me. That really makes me feel better even when I have the worst game or the worst grade, she’s everything to me.”

How appropriate is it to have a pit bull named Cali; a dog that is ferocious on the outside, but has a soft side underneath, very similar to Lawrence Timmons.

By Michael Kudlacik
FSU Sports Information
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