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Field At Doak Campbell Stadium Just About Gone

Doak Campbell Stadium Field Construction – Photo Gallery

March 10, 2004

Tallahassee, Fla. –
The steady rain that turned the FSU vs. Miami football game last year into a mud bowl should be much harder, if not impossible, to replicate in future seasons. Dump trucks and bulldozers drove onto the stadium floor in mass on Monday and excavation began on the entire playing surface.

The entire irrigation and drainage system will be replaced as will the base soil for the field. The new sod will be the same 419 Tiftway Bermuda sod that was the playing surface for the last several years. However, the entire field will be rebuilt to USGA green standards.

FSU is well on the way to removing approximately 16 inches of soil around the entire inside bowl of the stadium. The stadium floor has been scraped down to the clay level where work will begin to install a new irrigation system that installs beneath the new drainage system. Once work is completed to install the irrigation system pipes they will be covered and work will begin on the new drainage system, the first in nearly 20 years at Doak S. Campbell Stadium.

FSU will actually install two new state-of-the-art gravity drainage systems. One system will be designed to evacuate water coming from the stands and a separate system will process the water falling on the field itself.

Doak Campbell Stadium Field Construction – Photo Gallery

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