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Finding The Open Shot With Seminole Guard Brian Hoff

Nov. 11, 2005

Brian Hoff is a walk-on member of the Florida State men’s basketball team who will play an important role for the Seminoles this season. He accompanied the Seminoles’ on their four-game trip to Trinidad in September where he got his first taste of college basketball. Hoff and his teammates open the 2005-06 season against Jacksonville on Nov. 19.

What Were Your First Impressions Of The Florida State Men’s Basketball Team?
I liked everyone and I noticed it was a family atmosphere

How Would You Describe The Chemistry Among You and Your Teammates?
It’s great – it’s something we have really worked on as a team.

What Do You Consider Your Biggest Strength?
My shooting, definitely.

What Are You Working Each Day In Practice To Improve The Most?
My ball-handling skills.

What Is Your Fondest Memory Of Your First Year As A Member Of The Team?
We had a lot of fun at the FSU-Miami football game. We all sat together along with the recruits for next year and had a good time.

How Hard Do You Push Yourself During Practice?
Practice is a very important time each day for our team and we all work very hard.

What Direction Do You See Your Career At Florida State Taking?
Hopefully I’ll keep improving and make the most out of these four years.

What Is The Most Important Thing You Have Learned From Your Coaches?
I have always been taught to forget the last shot, put everything behind you and forget the last play so you can focus on what lies ahead.

Who Has Given You The Most Support During Your Career?
Definitely my family: my mom, dad, and brothers. My dad coached me throughout high school (unofficially). He was at every game; he traveled all around the country with me. After every game he would go over what I needed to improve on.

How Would You Describe The Transition From High School Basketball To College Basketball?
For me the height difference wasn’t that much, because in high school we played with a 7’3″ player on our team, but, the speed of the game is much faster than in high school.

Outside Of Practice and Games During The Season, What Do You Work On As A Player?
After practice I always stay and shoot extra shots and try to put as much time as I can into working on my technique.”

You Graduated High School With A 4.0 GPA. How Do You Plan on Balancing Your Academic Career With Your Basketball Career at Florida State?
I was always taught that academics come before athletics, so I’ll have to continue that and remain focused.

Every Athlete Has A Dream Scenario. What’s Yours?
To win the national championship game at Florida State.

What Is One Thing Nobody Knows About You?
“I practice a lot to be a good shooter. Basketball clears my mind; it is kind of like a therapy, because you can get away from everything else.”

Why Did You Choose To Earn Your Degree And Play Basketball At Florida State?
I like the atmosphere of the school and the team. Also, I like the coaching staff here more so than any other school I visited.

By Mallory Schneider
Sports Information Student Assistant
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