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First Installment of the FSU Women’s Basketball Mailbag

Nov. 13, 2007

FSU Women’s Basketball Mailbag
November 13, 2007

Vivan writes: My friend in Pensacola who is a coach wants to know what the letters on the wristbands represent? She heard that after practice, the players who felt like they had given their best, took off their wristbands and placed them in a special container. She thinks that this a cool idea and great motivational tool. GO NOLES !!!!!!

A: Vivan…The iNam stands for “it’s Not about me.” It’s the idea that you put the team before yourself and sacrifice things you might want to do for the good of the team. If you have that kind of day, you feel you’ve put the team before yourself in every area then you have the privilege of putting your band at the end of the day into the jar. – Coach Sue Semrau 

Drake in Tallahassee writes: I’ve noticed that some of our players have some kind of wrap on their upper arms? Are we having minor injuries or is this just something new?

A: Drake…Actually that’s an Actigraph. It’s a device that is cutting edge that measures not only heart rate, but number of steps taken and the intensity of the work out. They wear those during games early on so we can develop drills for practice that are going to simulate game speed.  – Coach Sue Semrau

Bill in Tampa writes: Only one starter is gone from last year’s squad and an important one at that. Do you attempt to replace Alicia Gladden or try to spread around all the things she did to various other players?

A: Bill…It will be spread out. We’ll be a much better rebounding team by committee this year. Our guards have already stepped up and are better rebounders. Point production wise, obviously Shante Williams will be able to step up. Courtney Ward already has and Antionette Howard already has, but I also expect the other players on the team to step up their production.  – Coach Sue Semrau

Sarah in Tallahassee writes: This is for Cayla Moore, why do the players call you “The Team Mom”?

A: Sarah…I think it’s because I’m usually the one who makes sure everyone is taken care of and I go out of my way to make sure everything is in place, kind of like a mom. Because of my experiences and everything I’ve been through I can give them emotional support and after redshirting my freshman year I understand better what the coaches expect and want. – Cayla More

Tom R in Lecanto, Fla., writes: How many are you hoping to sign this coming year? Can you comment on your anticipated breakdown of those signees?

A: Tom…The signing period starts November 14 and we are trying to sign four players. Per NCAA rules, no one at Florida State is allowed to comment on the recruits until they sign their National Letter of Intent. We hope to have all of our players signed by the end of the week and we think it’s going to be one of our best classes ever. Check back on this week to see who is joining our Seminole family.

Robert Tatum in Dothan, Ala., writes: What happened to Nikki Anthony?

A: Robert…Nikki graduated last spring with her degree in physical education.

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