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First Scrimmage Of The Spring Garners Mixed Reviews From The Coaches

March 21, 2009


    TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Saturday’s full pad scrimmage couldn’t have come any sooner for the Seminole football team. After busting at the seams to hit someone on Friday, the squad finally got to go full contact on Saturday as the first full scrimmage of the spring took place inside Doak Campbell Stadium. The FSU football team went through a two-hour scripted scrimmage and will now take Sunday off brining the first week of spring practice to a close.  



    ·          The scrimmage began with field goal and punt.

    ·          The first set of plays began at the -35. The offense was unable to come up with any points on any of their four possessions (32 plays). During the first eight plays Christian Ponder connected on a deep pass to Jarmon Fortson and Jermaine Thomas had a nice run. When the two’s came out for their first shot the defense forced two, three-and-outs as Craig Yarborough had a QB pressure and Brandon Jenkins had a tackle for loss. The one’s came back out and Ponder had a nice scramble to avoid the rush. He also completed passes to Bert Reed and Avis Commack. Defensively Everett Dawkins had a tackle for loss and Jamar Jackson had a QB pressure. The two’s moved the ball a little bit on their final possession. Ty Jones had two nice runs and converted a 3rd-and-1. Louis Givens also had a good gainer on the ground.

    ·          The next set of plays came from the +12. The first team defense did its job and did not allow a TD. Reed did come up with a great catch on a flare but there were no other highlights for the first team offense. Nigel Bradham turned in the lone big play for the D with a nice hit. Marcus Sims was the star of this segment with the second team. On the first play he went 12 yards for a TD. He did the same on the second play but the touchdown was wiped out by a hold. Dawkins had a sack for the defense and Jenkins had a pressure.

    ·          The first set of plays from the 50 once again resulted in no points for the offense. The one’s looked like they would get on the board when Ponder connected on a big third down play to Fortson but the gain was nullified by a hold. Ponder did find Reed later in the drive but he also had one pass broken up by Patrick Robinson. The two’s didn’t fare any better. Jones had a nice run and Cory Eddinger found Cameron Wade but a big hit by A.J. Alexander on a screen and Vincent Zann’s tackle for a loss on a play right up the middle helped keep the defense perfect on the scoreboard. Things looked up for the offense on the next two possessions as both the one’s and two’s scored touchdowns. The first team’s TD was set up by Ponder’s deep pass off a scramble to Richard Goodman at the one. From there Ty Jones punched it in. The two’s scored thanks in large part to Marcus Sims who had two nine-yard runs and a first down conversion. Avis Commack finished the drive off with a 14-yard TD run.

    ·          The defense reasserted itself in red zone. Korey magnum and Ochuko Jenije had back-to-back break ups in the endzone. Kendall Smith had a pressure and then Markus White sacked Ponder on third down and Kevin McNeil ended the drive with a sack on fourth. Eddinger looked to have the two’s moving in their series. The second-string QB hit Goodman for nine, went back to the senior for a first and then Sims moved the ball inside the five. Mister Alexander took down Sims at the three on the next play and then Yarborough took Eddinger down 12 yards behind the line.

    ·          The scrimmage finished on a good note for the offense as they scored three times on four tries inside the three. Jones scored on the first play from the three. Sims also scored from the three and the one. The lone stop came at the one yard line where Patrick Robinson knifed into the backfield to record a tackle for loss.



    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    Opening statement:

    “I thought it was a good first scrimmage. They did better than I really thought they would for the first scrimmage. Defense did better than I thought they would do today. I thought we got some good things done.”


    On the play of Ponder:

    “I think we are getting some pretty good catches out there. I thought Ponder threw good today. He made some very nice throws. If you can protect him, he can do it. I thought the protection was pretty good, you know.”


    Offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher

    On the offense:

    “Not bad. I loved the intensity. I loved the aggressiveness. Of course we made some mistakes here and there. For the most part I liked what we were doing. Like I say, a few plays you wish you had back, you try to make but that is kind of where you expect to be right now. Get the kinks out but I love the intensity. I love the effort. I like the direction we are going, thought I saw some good things out there.”


    On Ponder’s performance:

    “Really nice. Stepped up two or three times and made some good throws. Only ran when he really had to run. I thought his pocket presence, so far in the spring…and I think that is a tribute to two things. I think our offensive line is doing a pretty good job and our backs.”


    Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews

    On the defense:

    “We gave up too many long runs, too many long passes. We had 50 missed assignments. We got folks who won’t fight for the ball. We won’t finish plays. There wasn’t much out there that looked like defense.”


    “There wasn’t much that resembled football. Looked like we still had shorts on. You don’t play football with shorts on. We could go out here and make excuses. It is the first time we tackled but we are not going to make excuses. We are going to get better.”



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