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Five Minutes With Florida State’s No. 23

April 28, 2009

Toney Douglas, a Jonesboro, Ga. Native is a successful
individual who gives his family something to be proud
of. For starters he is collegiate basketball player who
has been the staring point guard three consecutive
years for the Florida State Seminoles. In his junior season
he averaged 15.4 points, 2.6 steals and 2.6 assists.
Also in 2008, Douglas has earned All-ACC Third-Team
and All-ACC Defensive Team selections. In addition
to his success, he has an older brother Harry Douglas,
who now plays for the Atlanta Falcons while he was
in college was named to the first team All-BIG EAST.
Not to mention, both of them graduated in the spring
of 2008. What more can his parents ask for? Along
with this question, I was able to find out more about
his brother, family support and his last season as a

How was it playing with your brother in High school?
It was terrific, in high school they use to have signs
of the Douglas brothers, we were like a duo at the one
and three position, so it was real fun playing with my
brother knowing that he knows my game and I know
his game.

Was there any sibling rivalry?
No, we never had no rivalry, we just played together
and who ever was hot that night we kept giving each
other the ball and it’s been like that our whole life.

So you do you think is the better one in basketball? You
or your brother?

My brother can always beat me because he is my
big brother. Even though I might be more skilled or
talented then he is he can out beat me. But I know in
high school, they use to get us confused. For example,
if I had like 25 points, they would give it to my brother
because we looked just alike on the court and they
didn’t know who to give it to at times.

Was it hard for your family to go from Tallahassee to
Lousville to support you and your brother?

No not really, when it comes to their kids, nothing is
too hard for them. We never lacked anything. Anything
we needed or wanted, we basically had it. And
that’s some strong love right there. I work the hardest
because I want to take care of them.

What made you choose number 23?
I started playing basketball when I was four or three
years old and I have always liked Michael Jordan, so I
stuck with that number throughout my whole life.

Was it worth sitting out the year after transferring
from Auburn to Florida State?

Some times I think it is and sometimes I think it wasn’t
because I have been playing ball my whole life, and I
never had to sit out for a year. It was real frustrating
and I had to get my groove back on the court. My playing
time was my practice so it was real hard for me. I
never looked back though, I just kept moving forward.

Which conference do you like better, SEC or ACC?
They both have different styles but the SEC is a big
man conference and the ACC is a guard conference,
which is what I am, and I’m playing against the top
guards in the country. I like the competition and I like
to man up against all of them.

How did it feel to play your first game of your senior
year? It felt good. I have teammates that support me and
trust me and I feel good, real good about that.

How was it not having Uche starting with you for the
third consecutive year?

It was kinda weird, because he does some funny stuff
on the court too. Talking wise and game wise so we
always laugh in huddles and stuff about that. It was
kinda weird.

In previous years there was “Al’s Pals” and “Zeke’s
Freaks”. What do you think your name would be?

It’s funny because, I can’t really tell you but, they might
be doing a little something you know. My name Toney
but everybody calls me “T Dub ” but it s a secret you’ll
see in a little bit. I don’t want to say it right now, but
we have to see if we could get it done. It’s going to be
something interesting.

By Stephanie Lowenstern
Sports Information Student Intern

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