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Five questions for Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett – Florida State University

Five questions for Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett – Florida State University


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Five questions for Cardinals' Darnell Dockett

Courtesy Ryan Fagan, Sporting News.com

With more than 30,000 Twitter followers -- and, oh yeah, a couple of Pro Bowl nods -- Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is a star on and off the field. Dockett, a 2009 SN first-team All-Pro, took a couple of minutes out of his busy offseason to answer questions from Sporting News readers.

Q. Are there any offensive linemen in the league who can block you one-on-one? James Melvin, Manhasset, N.Y.

DOCKETT: Yeah, I think so. I think an offensive lineman could block me one-on-one. I haven't run across them yet, though. Not every time are you going to make every play, but having effort and heart and consistency is something that will always take over a lot of things. That's my approach on everything.

Q: What's the feel around Cardinals camp since the retirement of Kurt Warner? Does the team have faith in Matt Leinart? Kenny Wambolt, Phoenix

DOCKETT: Yeah, we do. That's our quarterback, man. Kurt taught Matt a lot, and I think it's Matt's time. Matt sat back and learned all those things. He knows the pressure that's riding on him. He knows where we've been with Kurt, and he knows how to get us back there. It's all about preparing and getting his mind right to prove people wrong. Our coaches are going to do a great job of putting the best product out there and winning ballgames. And the leaders of the team, including myself, we're going to do what we've got to do to stick behind him.

Q: I know you put a lot of your thoughts out there on Twitter for your fans to see. Are you going to be more reserved in what you say or do through social media in the future, or will we continue to see Darnell Dockett unplugged no matter what? Scott Allen, Mesa, Ariz.

DOCKETT: You're going to see Darnell Dockett unplugged no matter what. I've got to be smart with what I do, but I've got to continue to be myself. That's the thing I love about Twitter and the thing I love about social media. I can be myself. I don't have to front. I don't have to fix my hat in front of a camera or tuck my shirt in or fix my tie. I am who I am, and that's what people enjoy about me. I'm going to be me. I have a good time, and I appreciate all the fans out there that support me for being me and not being a fake person. Being who I am, when I post something on Twitter, they don't have to be wondering, Oh, is this really Darnell ? or, Did he really do this? Nah, I live my life on the edge. I have a great time, and I enjoy life. I'm thankful to be at the point of my career that I am, and I'm going to have fun with it.

Q: As a Florida State guy who played for Bobby Bowden, what do you think of the football program's direction now that the legend has retired and Jimbo Fisher is the head coach? Bryan Gaston, Pensacola, Fla.

DOCKETT: At first I didn't know. My feelings were mixed about the situation. I'm only used to Bobby. But I went down to Florida State for the Garnet and Gold Game, their spring game, and I met with Fisher , sat down in his office for an hour or two, and he showed me everything they're trying to do and his outlook on things. I think they're going to do good, man. I don't agree with them letting Bobby go the way they did. I never agreed with that. I thank Bobby Bowden for putting me in the position that I'm in for my career. He's still my favorite coach of all time, a good person. I hope Jimbo puts Florida State back on the map where they belong, contending for ACC titles and making national championship runs and finishing in the top five and competing like we did when I was in college.

Q: I am so looking forward to you and Joey Porter being on the field together. Talk about some crazy energy. Have you had a chance to hang out with Joey at all? Brad O'Neill, Tucson, Ariz.

DOCKETT: Me and Joey are next-door neighbors. Don't know if many people know that. We're work-out partners, and we value the same things when it comes to football. It's our life. It's like the new Batman and Robin, trying to get there and make things happen for us. I've got a lot of respect for Joey, for everything he's done in his career. I'm proud of him, proud to be a part of his career.

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