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Florida State-Clemson Quotes

Sept. 23, 2012

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Head Coach Jimbo Fisher:

Opening Statement:

“That was a great ball game. I think that was two very good football teams throwing haymakers at each other right from the opening bell and just kept answering each other’s calls. I give a lot of credit to them. They are a well-coached football team. They’ve got good players. They’re a heck of a team. We kicked ourselves around a little bit in the first half. I can’t say enough about our players ability to overcome adversity – to compete in the game and our assistant coaches did a tremendous job of keeping our guys in the game, their heads in the game. They did a great job at halftime adjusting. We were very fortunate to come out on top and win. It’s a good win. We should win big games here at Florida State. We’re 4-0 that’s all it is. We have a critical game next week at South Florida, we have to get ready for that and put this one behind us.”

On the way the team won:

“It’s big for us as far as the ability to compete in those situations, but what I’m anxious to see is how quickly we can put this one behind us and get ready for South Florida.”

On EJ Manuel’s performance:

“I didn’t realize he threw for 380 (yards) and ran for a 102 (yards), that’s pretty good. I don’t remember- I am going to have to look at the film, but I don’t remember him making a bad decision all night. They were mixing up looks and bringing in blitzes from everywhere and he made plays when he had to. But I thought he was extremely selfless and understood how to win. I was very proud of him. EJ Manuel – I say it all the time, it’s one game here but I get to coach him every day and look into his eyes and see what he does and how he thinks and he’s a tremendous young man. He’s a great leader for our football team.”

On Lamarcus Joyner’s 90-yard kickoff return:

“That was a big play there. That ignited us. That was a tremendous play. In the first half we struggled on special teams but in the second half, we took over.”

On Chris Thompson’s TD being called back but then scoring on a pass to Rashad Greene on the next play:

“We just answered. We came back the next play and boom. We didn’t worry about it. That’s the hand we were dealt and move on. The penalties – that was a disappointing thing tonight. That’s a shame.”

FSU Offensive Players

RB James Wilder, Jr.

On picking up the victory and having some great rushes:

“It felt great. I was being interviewed earlier in the week and I said this probably would be our first time being challenged by a defense. I said we do a lot of 1-on-1’s in practice. We go against the best defense in the nation in my opinion (in practice). We were prepared and well-coached, and did what we did. When my name was called I took advantage of my opportunity.”

On the offensive line:

“At the beginning of the year I said our O-line improved a lot. The holes are there. There aren’t a lot of sacks. There aren’t a lot of carries that we’re stopped at the line. We’re usually five yards passed the line of scrimmage before we get touched. Everybody, they’ve all been going out there and working their butts off and making sure we get five yards passed the line of scrimmage before we get touched. They work their way up to the linebackers and even some plays work their way up to the safeties. A great improvement by the O-line. It shows in the running game. The first three games they said we weren’t being tested. This was a great defense and we did what we had to do. I think our O-line showed what they can do.

WR Rashad Greene

On scoring 49 points:

“I think we answered a lot of questions, but I think we have a lot of room to improve and get better. We had our moments here and there. It’s about us and not what everyone else thinks. It’s about this family we have right here. We have to get better and prepared for South Florida.”

On coming back from down two touchdowns to win:

“It can do a lot for us. It will help us out a lot. We kept our poise and stayed in the game. We trusted each other and came back and won the game.”

FSU Defensive Players

DE Bjoern Werner

On what was the difference in the second half:

“We just kept fighting; that’s what Florida State’s defense is all about. We went to the bench and said `forget about what happened, let’s fight and finish the fourth quarter.'”

On the atmosphere tonight:

“It was amazing. I give a lot of props to our fans. When we were up by one touchdown, we went down the field, I just felt another bit of extra energy, which pushed me through the game.

On facing Clemson’s offense:

“They have a great offense. They got us with a lot of trick plays. Deep balls, we knew they were going to that, there was going to be a lot of misdirection stuff. But (our) offense had a great game and I can’t be more proud of this team.”

DT Timmy Jernigan

On Clemson coming out swinging:

“We were first like just calm down, let’s just play ball the way that we play ball. They came out with a couple trick plays which we knew was going to happen. We just have to expect trick plays from now on because a lot of teams aren’t going to be able to beat us head up, let’s just play football. We just have to be prepared for the trick plays and not coming out too hyped and getting the adrenaline too high. We just have to calm down and play football that way Florida State plays football.”

On facing the adversity from tonight:

“As a defense we knew what we had to do in order to win the game. We just got too fired up at the beginning. Once we settled down a little bit, it shows. The biggest thing is that we just have to stay disciplined. Games like this is what makes your team, makes the bond that much stronger.”

QB EJ Manuel

On the win:

“We prepared all week for a really good opponent. We knew their offense was going to score a lot of points. All glory goes to God. I’m just so happy for my teammates.

On what was said in the locker room at halftime:

“We just knew we had to keep scoring points to help our defense out. Those guys (Clemson), we knew they could score 50 points easily. As an offense we knew we had to go out there and take initiative and score points. Our defense played lights out in the second half.”

On Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit mentioning him as a Heisman front-runner:

“I just want to win games for my teammates. I’m not really about personal accolades and things like that. If it comes it does. I just want to win and leave a legacy at Florida State for our fans.”

On the significance of the victory:

“I’m just happy. It was a great game – a great victory. We had to beat these guys in order to get where we needed to go.”

On becoming only second Nole (Charlie Ward, 1992) to rush for 100 yards and pass for 300 yards in a game:

“I’m going to Call C. Ward – I talked to him last night. He told me to go out there and take what they gave me. That’s a huge accomplishment.”

On if this victory amounts to one of his biggest:

“I would probably say that it is, it is a huge victory for our team and a division game, it was a nationally televised game and our whole team came to play our offense defense and special teams all did so well.”

On if this was his signature performance that everyone was looking for:

“Not really, we just had to do what we had to try and win the game, whether it was throwing it or running the ball, we were willing to do what needed.”

On if there were doubts that they could bounce back:

“I know the makeup of my teammates and know that we can all persevere whether it good bad or something different. We all just have to remember that as long as the other team is scoring points and we can come back and score as well.”

On what changed in the passing game from the first three games:

“Nothing changed at all, we just kept doing the same thing and there were just the right moments.”

Kelvin Benjamin WR

On if he knew about his speed on his long reception run:

“Not really, but I sure did salute Chris Thompson after it because I sure don’t know how you do it because after 30-yards. I’m about dead.”

On what it was like seeing an open field:

“I just told myself that I had to run and get as much yardage as I could.”

Head Coach Dabo Swinney

Clemson University

“Obviously we took a little bit of a step back tonight. One thing I’ll say is – obviously Florida State’s got a really good football team. Playing a team like, that, especially at their place, you can’t do certain things to help them. We helped them a little bit in a couple of areas. The kickoff return was huge – just a huge momentum swing in the game; it kind of lit a fire for them over there. We couldn’t stop the run. We just didn’t play four quarters. It’s a great game for us to grow and learn from. There is a lot of football left. Certainly we’ve got a lot of improving to do. Our team, I thought they fought hard, but again, right there at the end the momentum changed late in the third quarter going into the fourth quarter we just weren’t able to turn it back. But I’m proud of them continuing to fight. The touchdown at the end that’s a nice job. We didn’t get the onside.

“All the credit goes to Florida State. They are a very good football team. We did a lot of good things. We won the first half and played fairly solid in the third quarter. Just kind of got away from us there in the fourth quarter. Again, just a couple of momentum plays that really hurt us.

“But as we tell our guys all the time – the season starts tomorrow. We’ll get home whenever we get home. We will get back at it tomorrow as staff. You have to go on the road and win and we didn’t get that done today. We have another opportunity next week to go to Boston College. A place we have only won at one time. So, we have to try and get back on track. Obviously this is a tough loss because it is a division loss as well so we don’t control our destiny any more. That’s the difficult part of it but it’s far from over. We’ve got a lot of football left. We are still in the car we just don’t have our hands on the steering wheel anymore. All we can do is take care of what we control and that’s our preparation and how we go play in the next ball game. It’s a big lost but you can’t let this thing beat you again. What we have to do is learn from this. Obviously there is a bunch we have got to do to get better. Flush it. It’s so much more important what’s in front of us. We’ve got Boston College and then we have five out of seven after that at home. We still have an opportunity to have a really good football team; we have an opportunity to have a great season. Anything can happen. There was going to be a winner and a loser tonight and unfortunately we lost the game. We have got to move on from that.

“A lot of credit goes to Florida State. They played really well, made some big plays. And again, was able to run the football and have some key momentum opportunities that they took advantage of.”

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