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Florida State Continues Preparations Wednesday For Saturday’s Showdown With Yellow Jackets

Oct. 29, 2008


 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The No. 16-ranked Florida State Seminoles (6-1, 3-1 ACC) practiced 21 periods in shells Wednesday in preparation for Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. ABC showdown with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (6-2, 3-2 ACC).  The coaches continued to put in place the offensive gameplan while the offense worked against the scout team inside the redzone and the defense worked against the scout team offense working on stopping the triple option.


Notes on 7 on 7:


Head Coach Bobby Bowden:


On Rodney Hudson’s false start penalty against Virginia Tech:

“I wish he wouldn’t do it. I hope he learned his lesson so it won’t happen again.”


Team’s health, specifically Antone Smith:

Antone Smith is doing well. It seems like Justin Mincy is the only one who missed out.”


On Louis Givens:

He has been the spark on the punt and kick-off coverage. I’m sure he is leading us in tackles. He has done a good job.  I wish we had three others like that.”


If Givens has a chance to get a scholarship:

“There is always a chance.  Anytime I have scholarships left over I usually try to give them to walk-ons. It depends what year they are in and how long they have been with the team.”


On how walk-ons contribute:

“They help us. Every program has walk-ons and they help. They always want scholarships. We average about two scholarships for walk-ons a year.”



Running back Antone Smith:


On practice this week:

“It is going pretty good. Our defense is going good. Everyone has been listening to the coaches and working hard.  We have been doing the little things right.”


Keys to winning the game this weekend:

“We can not turn the ball over. We have to go out there and play hard. Every time we have a chance, we have to score points. We have to be able to go out there and do whatever it takes.”


WR Bert Reed


On getting back on the field:

“It feels really good, missing last weeks game and now I have a lot of emotions going through me right now.  I am ready to get back on the field and contribute for my team which I didn’t do last week and now I’m looking forward to hopefully winning another ballgame.”


On the offensive production:

“We’re still learning and we’re trying to become more balanced.  We’re trying to throw the ball a little more and be more consistent when we do.  Coach Trickett and [Antone] have the running game going so if our receivers can do our part we’ll have a great offense.”


On Georgia Tech’s defense:

“We need to go back to fundamentals and our assignments.  Everything they do we have an assignment for and something we’re supposed to do and if each player does their job and beats their guy we’ll win the ballgame.”


LB Derek Nicholson


On the last time he played against the triple option:

“It was my senior year against our rival high school.  It’s kind of the same thing that [Georgia Tech] does except the difference between high school and college is they can’t chop you so the big thing with them is they can get you off your feet and if they get you off your feet they can run the ball.”


On what you see on film:

 “Wake Forest’s offense is kind of like that, not like Georgia Tech’s, but it’s different.  They do a lot of misdirection, not a lot of pro-style or spread offense… [Paul Johnson] likes to get players off their feet, he likes to utilize his playmakers by getting them the ball.  No. 21, No. 9 and No. 20 are the top playmakers and that’s the fullback, the quarterback and the pitch guy and we’ve just got to stop those three.”


On the main assignment for the linebackers:

“We have to stop the run and make them pass, that’s every game but especially this game.  We have to win first down, that’s a big key for us.”


On stopping the fullback:

“We have to stop the fullback.  They have a statistic in this type of offense where if the fullback rushes for more than 100 yards they win every game, so we have to stop the fullback, he’s the key to the offense.  If we stop the fullback and contain the quarterback then you’ll do a good job slowing their running game.”

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