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Florida State Gets Set For European Tour

May 5, 2000

The Florida State volleyball team is going on a road trip – but not just
any ordinary road trip. This one’s going to be an unforgettable adventure.

On Monday, May 8th, Dr. Cecile Reynaud, 10 Lady Seminoles and approxiamately
15 staff and supporters will embark on a 16-day journey through Germany, the
Czech Republic and Denmark. The Lady Seminoles will play eight matches
throughout the tour against teams from the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark
and Ireland. FSU booster Lucy McDaniel, an FSU graduate and former
volleyball coach at Central Florida, funded the trip through Global
Outreach, Inc.

“This trip is going to be a great team-bonding and
team-building experience,” FSU Head Coach Dr. Cecile Reynaud said. “With 10
returning players from last year’s squad, we thought this was a good time to
do it.

“This is just a fun group to be around. We’ve had such an enjoyable
spring. The players are so eager to learn and because of this, we have seen
so much improvement in their play.”

While the volleyball experience is surely to pay off on the court in the
fall, the educational experience the Lady Seminoles will garner, will be
beneficial for a lifetime.

“I’m excited, but I am also really nervous,” sophomore middle hitter Erica
Bunch said. “Being from a small town, it’s really going to be different
traveling to a foreign country. My grandfather lived in Germany for 20
years, so I am excited to see where he lived.”

The tour begins in
Frankfurt, Germany. Upon their arrival on May 9th, the Lady Seminoles will
board a bus for a two-hour transfer to Rothenburg, Germany. Rothenburg is
an ancient, walled, fairy-tale city. The group will have the opportunity to
walk the streets, walk the walls surrounding the city and pretend to go back
in time in this ancient city.

The next three days will be spent in Munich, Germany. Some of the stops
planned in Munich include the Olympic Stadium and the historic Dachau
Concentration Camp. Following breakfast on Saturday, May 13th, the group
will depart for the Sumava Mountain region located near the Czech Republic
and German borders. The Lady Seminoles will bike up the Czech Mountains,
across the Czech-German border.

“This is an experience that many of us
may never be to do ever again,” sophomore setter Jamie Hibbard said. “I’ve
always been interested in the Holocaust and we are going to be visiting some
concentration camps. It’s going to be neat learning about and seeing all of
these places as a group. It will definitely bring us closer.”

The next
stop will be Prague – the Paris of the East. The group will tour sights
such as the castle, the cathedral, Charles Bridge, the Old Town, Wencelaus
Square and Hus Square during three days in this beautiful city. The Lady
Seminoles will see their first competition in Prague with four matches on
May 15th and 16th against a Czech National, Junior National or Top Club team.

The tour’s next destination is a two-day stop in Berlin – Germany’s capital
and largest city. The group will have the opportunity to stroll the famous
Kurfursterdam as well as see many of the World War II sites and what remains
of the Berlin Wall.

The final four days of the trip will be spent in
Copenhagen, Denmark. The six-hour ride from Berlin to Copenhagen will
travel through German and Danish countryside and includes a ferry ride. The
Lady Seminoles will play four matches in Copenhagen. On May 20th, the Tribe
will face Sweden and Denmark A. On May 21st, FSU’s opponents include
Ireland and Denmark B. One of the sites the group will take advantage of in
Copenhagen include the Tivoli – Copenhagen’s best known attaction. Among
Tivoli’s attractions are a pantomime theater, open-air stage, 24 elegant
restaurants and frequent classical, jazz and rock concerts.

The group is scheduled to return to Tallahassee in the evening on May 23rd.

“We are so close already,” Bunch said, “but traveling together for 16 days
is going to be a good experience. We are going to learn so much about each

A Quick Guide to Florida State’s European Volleyball Classic

May 8   Depart Tallahassee
May 9 Arrive in Frankfurt, Germany. Transfer to Rothenberg,Germany.
May 10-12 Munich, Germany
May 13 Sumava Mountain region, Czech Republic
May 14-16 Prague, Czech Republic. Matches 1 & 2 on 5/15. Matches 3 & 4
on 5/16.
May 17-18 Berlin, Germany
May 19-22 Copenhagen, Denmark. Matches 5 & 6 on 5/20. Matches 7 & 8 on 5/21.
May 23 Depart Frankfurt. Arrive Tallahassee.
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