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Florida State Men’s Basketball Preseason Notes

Nov. 17, 2003

* Florida State utilized the same starting lineup (Michael Joiner, Anthony Richardson, Mike Mathews, Nate Johnson and Tim Pickett) in its two preseason victories as it readied itself for the 2003-04 regular season which begins Nov. 21 against Maine in the Leon County Civic Center.

* Senior All-America candidate Tim Pickett led Florida State with 23 total points (a 13.5 ppg average) in the Seminoles’ two preseason games. He scored a game high 27 points in the Seminoles’ victory over Tem Nike Nov. 17.

* Junior All-ACC candidate Anthony Richardson shot .889 percent (eight-of-nine) from the free throw line during the Seminoles’ two preseason game victories. He made his final seven free throws over the last three halves of two games.

* All 10 Seminoles who earned playing time against Global Sports scored at least two points and all 11 players who earned playing time against Team Nike also scored at least two points. Each player who earned playing time in both games scored in both preseason games.

* Florida State held its two preseason opponents to .366 (48-131) shooting from the field. The Seminoles held Global Sports to .358 field goal shooting (24-67) and held Team Nike to .375 shooting from the field (24-64). Florida State’s opponents shot .391 from the field during the 2002-03 season.

* Florida State allowed an average of only 66.5 points per game in its two preseason games – 68 by Global Sports and 65 by Team Nike. The Seminoles ranked seventh nationally and led the Atlantic Coast Conference as they allowed only 66.6 points per game during the 2002-03 season.

* Senior guard Nate Johnson had six assists and zero turnovers in 27 minutes of play in Florida State’s preseason victory over Team Nike. He had two assists and only two turnovers in 27 minutes played against Team Global giving him eight assists and only two turnovers in 54 minutes of play during two preseason games. Johnson averaged only one turnover every 27 minutes during the preseason after averaging one turnover every 18.6 minutes during the 2002-03 season.

* Senior guard Nate Johnson made his first six shots of the preseason and shot .545 percent (six-of-11) form the field against Global Sports and Team Nike. He shot .600 percent (six-of-ten) from the 3-point line during the preseason.

* Sophomore Todd Galloway had one turnover in 31 minutes of play in Florida State’s pair of preseason games. He was charged with zero turnovers in 16 minutes against Global Sports and only one turnover in 15 minutes of play against Team Nike.

* Junior Adam Waleskowski had five assists and zero turnovers in 26 minutes during the preseason. He also averaged 5.5 points per game and shot .625 (five-o-f-eight) form the field including a 3-point shot made against Team Nike.

* Junior Anthony Richardson pulled down a team-high 11 rebounds in Florida State’s victory against Team Nike. He averaged a team-high 7.0 rebounds per game during the preseason.

* Junior Anthony Richardson blocked a team leading two shots against Team Nike. He led the team with two blocked shots during the preseason after finishing second on the Seminoles with a 1.37 blocked shots per game average.

* Florida State increased its assist total (20-10), lowered its turnover total (13-10) and upped its steals total (7-6) in its second preseason game against Team Nike as compared to its first preseason game against Global Sports.

* Florida State shot .409 (18-of-44) from the 3-point line during the preseason. The Seminoles shot 50 percent (10-of-20) against Global Sports as junior guard Nate Johnson was a perfect 1.000 percent (five-of-five) against Global Sports.

* Nate Johnson, Tim Pickett and Von Wafer had at least one steal in both of Florida State’s preseason games.

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