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Florida State Postgame Quotes

Oct. 31, 2009

Head Coach Bobby Bowden
Opening Statement:
“When you play those kinds like Georgia Tech, you simply got to felt like you had to cash in on every scoring opportunity you got. If you miss an opportunity there gonna get ahead of you. That’s about that way that game was going. We stayed ahead of them most of the game then they finally went ahead of us and we came back and won it. The kids never gave up. We still have too many penalties. We still have too many mistakes, we had mistakes y’all don’t recognize because the receiver went to the wrong place or a guy went to the wrong place. But it beats losing. Whatever you did, it beats losing. I’m proud of ol’ Ponder because he took a couple of shoots there early in the game that would have put a normal guy out, but he stayed in there with it. And came back, played second half, I’m sure he’ll be sore tonight. Our running game was better. Our pass protection was not bad, it was pretty good. And our defense did good enough for us to win.”

On the running game:
“Well it’s always blocking. If you block, everything goes. And so our blocking must have been better, and our kids ran a little bit better maybe, but I thought the big thing was our blocking was better. I didn’t see any great running out there. A couple of runs were, I thought were pretty good effort. I saw a lot of runs that you’d think they’re fixing to get more and they didn’t. So I’d have to say it was blocking.”

On Jermaine Thomas’s running game:
“We’re gonna call what’s going. A quarterback, he calls a play and it goes, he’s gonna call that thing again. It was going pretty good so I guess Jimbo was calling it more. And he (Jermaine Thomas) did run good, I’m not trying to take that away from him, but usually if your running is good, you’re blocking.”

On running against N.C. State:
“I’ve seen them play (N.C. State). I was watching them last week where other teams could not run on them. The other team would beat them throwing the play. Duke for instance, Duke threw for nearly 500 yards, you couldn’t hardly run a thing. That goes back to blocking.”

Offensive Quotes
QB Christian Ponder

On having such a close game:
“Week to week it comes down to that fourth quarter. I’m proud of this team. We kept fighting and I have the best teammates in the world. They really carried me this game, I was struggling, hurting a little bit and they did a good job of pulling us out.”

On the confidence he had in the last drive:
“I’m real confident. This has happened several times. I know with our offense we have the ability to score every time and we should. I knew we were gonna punch that in, and everybody knew that. We had the confidence to do it.” On the running game: “It was good. That really carried us. Jermaine (Thomas) ran the ball really well and the offensive line opened up these holes. We were able to do a lot of things on the ground.”

C Ryan McMahon

On the run blocking:
“After last week, this past week in practice we knew we worked on running the ball a lot more. The tackles, Zebrie (Sanders) and (Andrew) Datko, played great reaching their ends and getting them blocked and we just attacked them.”

On Jermaine Thomas
“He saw the hole and BAM, he was hitting them hard. He did a great job today.”

Defensive Quotes

LB Nigel Bradham
On the last drive :
“We knew that we had to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Try to prevent him from scrambling, collapsed on the pocket. We pretty much knew on that series that we were going to have to help our DBs and get a good pass rush. We knew the game was going to come down to us, the offense had made great plays and they went down there and scored and they left a little bit of time on the clock for us. We knew it was up to us to win the game.”

On winning two games in a row:
“It’s a big game, we still think we have a chance at the ACC title and we are just going to do our best to win out from here.”

LB Mister Alexander
On the sack on the last drive
“We had been in that personnel group on third downs like the whole game but I was trying to do how the coaches told me to rush but I was thinking too much and then I just went in and do what I do.”

On attacking the NC State tackle:
“You can’t just go out there on the tackle and just make sacks, you have to learn his tendencies first. He (Jeraill McCuller) couldn’t really get down, like he couldn’t bend his knees that much so I just put an inside move and dipped down low on him so he couldn’t touch me.”

On what NC State was doing to the defense
“It really wasn’t what they were doing it was what we weren’t doing, we weren’t stopping the big plays and being aggressive enough.

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