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Florida State Soccer Continues Preseason With More Two-A-Days

Aug. 15, 2006

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    Tallahassee, FL – After what FSU Soccer Head Coach Mark Krikorian called a “very good” practice this morning, the fourth-ranked Seminoles continued two-a-days in the brutal Florida sun. FSU is now just two days away from facing their first opponent in a scrimmage. With that in mind, the coaching staff spent the afternoon continuing to see where the team needs to work to eventually be ready to faced defending National Champion Portland August 27.

    ,,X As mentioned above, coach Krikorian and his staff were very pleased with the morning practice session. The second-year Seminole head coach continues to be pleased with the effort he is receiving from his players.
    ,,X The team reported back to the Seminole Soccer Complex at 3:30 p.m. for media guide pictures. The headshots were taken in the visitor’s locker room. With the 2006 FSU Soccer Media Guide just days away from going to the printer, getting the girl’s pictures was one of the last hurdles for the media relations staff to clear.
    ,,X The evening practice started off with a game of handball as the team worked on movement without the ball and finding open players in the box.
    ,,X The practice then moved into 11-v-11 to big goals on half a field. The two 15:00 half were grueling as the strain of two-a-days probably started to show a little bit.
    ,,X The hour and a half session ended with the team working on finishing.

    ,,X The players had a lot of fun with handball. A game that actually allowed them to use their hands for a change.
    ,,X The object was to pass the ball around as each player was limited to just three steps. The only way to score a goal was with a ball played into a players head.
    ,,X Mami Yamaguchi scored the game’s first goal but it was a newcomer that stole the show. Spanish National Team player Iraia Inturregi scored the golden goal on a diving header off a Katrin Schmidt pass.

    ,,X The full squad scrimmage to big goals was played in just one half of the field and turned into the Ali Mims versus Iraia Inturregi show. The two had an unbelievable battle of keeper versus world class attacker.
    ,,X Iraia was dangerous all game but in the first half she was the biggest threat on crosses and shots.
    ,,X As good as Iraia was, Mims was even better. The first big save from the senior came on a drive from just 10 yards out that Mims reacted to and punched out of danger.
    ,,X Iraia played a great ball just before the first 15:00 half expired. She found Holly Peltzer who made a great turn but her shot was just over the crossbar.
    ,,X India Trotter opened the second half with a rip of her own but Mims was once again up to the task saving the shot.
    ,,X Iraia attacked Mims’ goal again in the second half but it was the senior who won the battle as Mims saved another dangerous shot from close range.
    ,,X Becky Edwards looked to break open the 0-0 game as she took a crack from distance but her shot was just wide of the goal.
    ,,X Iraia had another great opportunity to break the tie with another shot. This one wasn’t saved by Mims but did go just wide of the post.
    ,,X After the grey team had the better part of the attack for most of the scrimmage, the orange team was the side that eventually broke on top thanks to a great cross from Colette Swensen right on to the head of team manager J.P. Barbosa. The Dartmouth grad finished off the service making it a 1-0 game.
    ,,X Trotter looked to level things as she started a brilliant attack with some fancy footwork. The senior, who spent all summer with the US National Team, showed off some of her new moves as she displayed some beautiful footwork to beat a defender. She then played Yamaguchi but the attack was thwarted once again by Mims. This time it was a sprawling save that kept the orange team in the lead.
    ,,X The orange team put the game away late as volunteer assistant coach Ileana Moschos wasn’t going to be shown up by team manager Barbosa. The former Greek National Team goalkeeper finished the win off by burying a service from freshman Victoria Damren.

    ,,X Becky Thompson had a nice stint in net during the drill making at least three big saves on shots within 10 yards of the goal.
    ,,X Yamaguchi scored two goals on little flicks into the side netting. The first with the outside of her foot and the second on a header.
    ,,X Not to be outdone by Mims and Thompson, freshman keeper Kimmy Diaz may have had the save of the day as she had a great reaction to a close range shot and made a dazzling kick save to keep the ball out of the net.
    ,,X Two Boca players scored goals as well. Seniors Melissa Wheeler and India Trotter both got on the board as they combined to score three goals.

    “It is a lot of work but it has been fun. I didn’t know what to expect coming in so I can’t say whether or not this is what I thought it would be. I know that the pace of the game and the players is a lot faster than any other level I have played at.”
    FSU Freshman Victoria Damren talks about how preseason has gone for her

    “I really think I am doing better than I thought I would this early on. I didn’t play much over the summer like a lot of the girls so I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to come along. I am confident in where I am up to this point. I am improving everyday like the rest of my teammates. The most important thing for me and everyone else is that we build on the previous day and maintain our bodies.”
    Sixth-year senior keeper Ali Mims on her impressive outing

    “There has been a lot of progress already. I can see the unity and morale growing within the group and that is important. The freshmen are feeling more comfortable each day. We are starting to see a top 11 emerge as well so that is exciting. There have been a lot of positives through the first five days but there is more to do.”
    Kelly Rowland talks about the team’s progress since day one

    “This is a great group of first-year players. They have impressed me. Playing with Becky Edwards has been great. Becky Thompson has been good in goal. Annie (Stalzer) has great speed and Victoria (Damren) has shown a great left foot. Iraia’s work ethic and experience with the Spanish National team are evident as are Maike’s (Seuren) German traits. The players from Germany are just wonderful to play with. Some of our other newcomers like Onnie and Brittney are still recovering from some injuries but a lot is expected from both of them. The two Boca players have played really well so far too. Kimmy Diaz and Melissa Wheeler are both having an impact on this team.”
    India Trotter talks about the FSU newcomers

    Check throughout the preseason for news, quotes and photos from FSU’s preparations for the 2006 campaign.

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