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Florida State-Stanford Game 2 Quotes

June 10, 2012

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Head Coach Mark Marquess

Opening Statement

“I would like to congratulate Coach (Mike) Martin and Florida State. They are obviously a great team. We just couldn’t stay with them. They beat us in every chance we had. They just beat us. They did a great job. We couldn’t contain them. They got some big hits tonight right off the bat – the two home runs early. Two swings of the bat … they got five runs. We had a chance; they got some hits. We came back and got guys on base late in the game. Again, we got close and they came up with a couple of hits, and just ran away from us. Congratulations to them. They did a fantastic job. They’re a great team. I want to wish them the very best at the College World Series. We didn’t slow them down at all. They were fantastic. I’d also like to thank the people at Florida State for their hospitality and running a great Super Regional. They were very hospitable. They have great fans. It’s tough to play here, but they have great fans. This regional was very well run, and I want to thank them for that. I’d like to congratulate Florida State. They played fantastic.”

On if he expected to give up 18 runs in a game:

“No. But again, they earned those. We gave them a lot of free base runners in both games. They got the big hits. Late we gave them some things. When we did that they’d come up with a big hit. A lot of it isn’t the number of hits you get, but when you get them. They did that in both games. I didn’t think Friday’s game was as competitive. I thought today we were competitive. They really pounded it. We didn’t give them a lot early. They really earned it. They just really hit the ball throughout the lineup. They got some big hits and some clutch hits. That’s what you need to do. They’re a great team, but you have to be playing well at the right time – getting the clutch hits. I was also impressed with their defense. They made some really great defensive plays. They turned a lot of double plays against us. We hit into more double plays in these two days then we have in 30 games. A lot of that has to do with them. Their pitchers were down with their pitches. I thought their third baseman (Sherman Johnson) made a couple of great plays tonight, and Friday he made some great plays. They did it all. They pitched, they threw strikes, and they had timely hitting. When we made a mistake, whether it was walking a guy or hitting a guy, or making an error, they’d come up with a hit. They were just a much better team than us this weekend.”

Left fielder Stephen Piscotty

On being up to bat as the tying run with the bases loaded in the seventh inning and the Cardinal trailing, 10-6.

“We didn’t quit. Going into today, the goal was to get ahead early, but if we got down we were just going to fire back. We had nothing to lose. I think our team did that. We got some guys on (base). I would’ve traded all four of those hits for that at-bat. It’s tough. I am just so proud of the way our team played.”

On the pitch that got him out and if it was inside:

“I got a little out in front.”


Head Coach Mike Martin

From His Opening Statement

“The seventh inning got a little interesting but the eighth inning, for us, was the difference. The way we kept our poise, got back in and had a big inning, of course highlighted by Seth (Miller’s) homerun.”

“I’m excited. I’m elated…I’m a happy camper because this group deserves what they got. They worked hard all year long. That was a great win and I am just so proud to be a part of it.”

“It’s a year that we’re not through but at the same time we are going to enjoy this for 24 hours.”

Second Baseman Devon Travis

On the emotion’s following the final out

“You got so many things running through your head when that happens. The crowd the entire game, they were acting like they were playing. It was incredible. To hear the crowd chanting Omaha…that is something my freshman year I didn’t hear. This is a feeling that can’t get old, that’s for sure.”

Outfielder Seth Miller

On his third homerun this season, all of which were grand slams

“It’s just the way baseball works out. It’s like (coach Martin) said, it’s a crazy game. I like situations like that where you can put a team ahead. That happened to be a grand slam for me. If that’s the way it works, I’ll take them all day long.”

Third Baseman Sherman Johnson

On the importance of Seth Miller’s Grand Slam

“It was great. We needed that. Like (coach Martin) said when he hit that, I think everyone really understood the game was over. It was a big lift for us.”

First Baseman Jayce Boyd

On his first inning homerun

“I am trying to put our team in great situations. You sit up there and try to fight through an at bat and get a pitch you can work with and do as much as you can with.”

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