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Florida State To Host NCAA Baseball Super Regionals

May 29, 2000

By Dennis Waszak Jr.

Associated Press

Florida State will play host to defending national champion Miami in one of
next weekend’s eight best-of-three super regionals.

The super regional sites were announced by the NCAA Division I baseball
committee Monday, and each of the remaining national seeds won bids to
serve as host. The committee set up brackets at the beginning of the
tournament to determine the best-of-three super regional pairings.

The sites and pairings are: Miami (40-17-1) at Florida State (49-16),
Louisiana-Lafayette (45-17) at South Carolina (55-8), Nebraska (50-15) at
Stanford (45-14), San Jose State (39-21) at Houston (47-16), Mississippi
State (41-18) at Clemson (48-16), UCLA (38-24) at Louisiana State
(46-17), Penn State (45-17) at Texas (44-19), and Southern California
(41-18) at Georgia Tech (50-14).

All eight series, which begin Friday, will be played on campus fields.

The winner of each super regional advances to the College World Series,
which starts June 9 in Omaha, Neb.

Seven of the eight national top seeds – South Carolina, LSU, Georgia
Tech, Clemson, Houston, Florida State and Stanford – remained in the
tournament and were given highest consideration to serve as host of the
super regionals, committee chairman Dick Rockwell said. Arizona State,
the No. 7 national seed, was eliminated by Texas on Sunday.

“One of the things our committee takes pride in is that the majority of the
decisions we come down to are based on play on the field,” Rockwell
said. “I think those of us who have served on this committee for a few
years feel very good about that.”

In the case of Mississippi State and Clemson, in which both were top
seeds in their respective brackets and made bids, the committee said
Mississippi State bid higher but Clemson was given the super regional
because of its national seeding. The amounts of the bids were not

“This was a tough one because Mississippi State draws so well and
Clemson drew near-capacity crowds,” Rockwell said. “We had No. 1
seeds with Mississippi State and Clemson, but we wanted to stay
consistent. We gave strong consideration to the top eight national seeds,
so we chose to go in that direction.”

The Florida State-Miami matchup renews one of college baseball’s top
rivalries, and is a rematch of last year’s College World Series
championship game, in which the Hurricanes beat the Seminoles 6-5.
Florida State leads the series 110-98.

“We discussed this quite a bit when we made up the brackets a few
weeks ago and spent some time talking about two teams that played
each other in the national championship,” Rockwell said. “So we sort of
anticipated this happening, but I think college baseball will be better for a
matchup such as this.”

The only matchups in which both schools bid to serve as host were
Florida State-Miami, Mississippi State-Clemson and South

“Giving South Carolina the super regional was a no-brainer,” Rockwell
said. “Again, South Carolina is a national No. 1 seed, while
Louisiana-Lafayette was a No. 2 seed.”

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