June 30, 2003 - by
Florida State University Director of Athletics Dave Hart On ACC Expansion

June 30, 2003

Florida State University Director of Athletics Dsave Hart, Jr., had the following comments on the expansion of the Atlantic Coast Conference to include Miami and Virginia Tech.

“With Miami and Virginia Tech formally accepting invitations by our league’s president’s to join the Atlantic Coast Conference, a lengthy and complicated process has reached its conclusion in the form of an eleven-member conference. Obviously, the opportunity to eventually become a twelve-member league still exists at any time that our presidents feel inclined to move in that direction. For now, we will move forward as eleven. Having first-hand knowledge of the arduous path we have traveled on this complex expansion journey, I am pleased to offer a welcoming hand to the Hurricanes and the Hokies on behalf of the Florida State Seminoles. These two outstanding institutions afford us instant natural conference rivals, which has been absent for us and is so very meaningful to our student-athletes, alumni, our fans and the college sports fan in general. The collective level of electricity will immediately be elevated for all of our sports and for all of those constituents as we welcome Miami and Virginia Tech into the ACC family.”

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