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Florida State versus Wake Forest Quotes

Sept. 15, 2012

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Head Coach Jimbo Fisher:

Opening Statement:

“It’s always good to get a good victory. Wake Forest has always played us extremely tough and they’re a very good football team. We watched them on film and they played a very good North Carolina team last week and we knew we’d have our hands full. I was very proud with the way our kids came out of the block – controlling the line of scrimmage. Offense…we struggled early, had some miscommunications there – that was more of wanting to do too good too fast. Then we relaxed and started playing and things started to come together. Defense, we set the tone and on special teams our kickoff coverage was tremendous. On offense we started controlling the ball and Chris (Thompson) was able to get those long runs. What a difference a year makes – I was sitting there watching him in the hospital last year and he’s actually consoling me, not knowing what his future was, saying `Coach, I’ll be back.’ It’s amazing. It couldn’t have happened to a better young man and I was very proud for him today and for our team. We still have a lot of things we have to clean up but I’m very proud of the progress that we’re making. We’re heading in the right direction and we have to get ready to play a very good Clemson team next week.”

On the wide receivers blocking:

“The line gets you five (yards), then after that you’ve got to be able to block down field. We’re big, athletic and physical and we need to be blocking like that all the time. That’s what good football teams do.”

On seeking Chris Thompson out after his first touchdown:

“I just wanted to look into his eyes and tell him how much I cared for him. He’s a special guy and I’m just so happy for him.”

On what he thought after Chris Thompson’s second touchdown run:

“I was telling you last year how big of a guy we were missing. Not only the plays he makes, but the stability he brings – assignments, coaching, what he does `hey, you’ve got this, you’ve got that’. He’s a brilliant guy too. That guy is rock solid and he’s a big time player.”

On the play of the defense:

“They went against a quarterback and receivers that are good players…they controlled the line of scrimmage. That was the key. But, our defense was very dominant – contested all of the throws. We’ve got to continue because we’ve got a great group next week. Our defense was very dominant. The game starts up front – offensive line, defensive line.”


FB Lonnie Pryor

On how good today’s result felt and opening ACC play with a win:

“It felt good. They beat us last year, so it felt good to win at home and just have a great game like we did today. We wanted to make a statement today. Our goal is to win the ACC and hopefully win a national championship. They (Wake Forest) were in the way, so we won and hopefully we can keep this thing going.”

On opening ACC play and maintaining the success of the running game:

“The one thing that we did not do a good job of last year was running the ball in short yards and goal line. This fall and in camp this spring that’s one thing that we worked on and hopefully we can keep doing it like we have been.”

On the performance of Chris Thompson:

“I am so happy for him. He got hurt last year in this game. Chris is like a little brother to me. I am just happy for him that he had a great game. I just prayed to God, he deserved it.”

WR Rashad Greene

On what kind of statement the team made with today’s win over Wake Forest:

“It was a big statement. It was a statement for ourselves and within our team – to come out here and get better and improve each week to reach our full potential. There are still a lot of things we have to work on, but it was a game to be able to get better and have fun.”

On the punt return for a TD:

“I just saw my guys in great position for blocks and they basically opened it up for me. I probably made one person miss and the rest was done by our return team.”

TB Chris Thompson

On the game he had against Wake Forest:

“There was nothing like it, I have been pretty much waiting for this moment for a while. To open up against an ACC team and for it to be the Wake game was such a big deal due to the fact of what happened last year.”

On what was going right for him today:

“Just being patient and trusting my guys and trusting that they were going to do their jobs. Last week I talked about not trusting those guys enough (last year) and it resulted in an injury. I just trusted them a whole lot today and was patient with them and I knew that they would open up the holes for me to run and they did and were successful.”

QB EJ Manuel

On the performance of Chris Thompson:

“We didn’t know what was going to happen to Chris (after last year’s game at Wake Forest). I am extremely happy for him. Chris is a great guy, a great young man. Today was his day.”

On seeing him break two long touchdown runs:

“It was nice. I was just happy for him, especially since it was him. Granted it could have been another back and I would have been just as happy but the fact that it was him versus Wake Forest; it was perfect especially since it is his senior year.”

On the performance of the running game:

“Just the fact that we can have the running game carries us as an offense, once we get the passing game clicking then we will be dangerous to any team. I don’t think teams will know what to prepare for during the week (if we can get both sides going). Granted I want to have a better game passing but I know it is going to come.”

On what the team needs to do to get the passing game going:

“Nothing out of the ordinary, but just to be more consistent. I think that there are some throws that I missed and then some catches that they usually don’t miss, but just as an offense we have to be more detailed.”

On looking at this game as being a statement:

“The fact that we went out there today, we wanted to make this a statement game. We lost to Wake last year, had some injuries, but this year it was a statement.”


RE Cornellius Carradine

On his performance:

“It felt great. I knew it was going to be kind of tough but I came out ready to play. I was focused and I knew that the defense needed me, the team needed me so I made sure I got it done.”

On playing against a higher level of competition:

“It felt really great. We were real excited and we were focused because this team defeated us last year so we were real confident. We knew how things were going to turn out.”

On staying disciplined:

“We kind of knew what they were doing, but everything was different. We just had to stay focused. By everyone watching the film, we knew that everything would come along and that we would get it done.”

DT Timmy Jernigan

On today’s performance:

“I feel like we were going to be just fine, Wake Forest is a good team. The biggest thing going into Wake Forest was making sure that we played disciplined. They are a good team and they can run a lot of good trick plays so the biggest thing is just being disciplined and not coming out of your gaps and making plays within the scheme.

“We’re just playing football and playing discipline football. We’re just doing whatever the coaches say and I’m using my athletic ability playing within the scheme and that’s all. Wasn’t any secret or nothing to it.”

On getting revenge from last year:

“It feels good. Every win feels good, that’s why you play the game to win, but there’s still work to be done.”

“Yeah it’s satisfactory, but you can’t be complacent. You never want to be too satisfied. There’s still so much work to be done and even though the scoreboard said what it did, we still have so much room left from improvement.”

On starting season 3-0:

“I got all the faith in the world in the team and the coaches. It doesn’t surprise me at all.”


“First off, I think Florida State is really good. We have kind of reversed roles a little bit; we are paying a lot of young kids and they are playing a lot of veteran guys. I think on defense they only played one sophomore and rest were juniors and seniors. So, they are a veteran team; a really talented football team.”

Did the penalty on the first play hurt your team?

“I know that’s not the way you want to start with a five yard procedure penalty. Kind of silly that we start with 12 – that’s just ridiculous. I thought when we had Josh’s (Harris) long run and got down there and got nothing out of it – that was the problem momentum wise. Then I thought starting so many drives backed up – and we had them started a couple of drives backed up but we didn’t keep them down there. We let them change field position on us. They outplayed us early but also we lost some momentum. With those guys as talented as they are you’ve got to play with some momentum and we certainly didn’t have any.”

What did you think about Chris Thompson`s day?

“A great day. He has great foot speed once he gets through the first level. One of the things we had coming into the game was we felt like we had to limit big plays not just in the running game but in the passing game. I think, we will get back and look, I think possibly we were a little bit more concerned with pressuring EJ (Manuel); trying to get pressure in the throw game. I think what were are going to find is in the running game we were out of gaps a few times – to their credit – I think they blocked us well up front. We got reached a few times by their offensive line which created seams from Chris (Thompson) to run through. He’s so good once he gets going. He’s got special foot speed. I think that really got them going. The inability of us to stop the run early really put us in a bind.”

Are you happy for Chris Thompson after the injury against Wake Forest last season?

“I am really tickled to death that he is back. I was worried. I had not realized how badly he was hurt. When I found out that he was going to spend the night in the hospital, I really called and wanted to go see him the next morning and told him that I was going to bring him a goodie bag but they had already given him the green light to go back home. So I didn’t get the opportunity. To see him come back from that injury in pretty special. I wish he’d waited to Clemson to have a big day but it’s good to see him back.”

What are your thoughts on Florida State?

“I think they’ve got great depth, obviously. I thought their front unit, on both sides of the ball, defensively; they are primarily a junior, senior defense. I think they started one sophomore today. That’s typically what we have done to be successful – play older players. I think what Jimbo has done is they have been very, very patient and have been able to keep their players here. You are talking about not only a talented team but a veteran, crusty football team. This group of guys is hard-nosed guys that are not going to beat themselves. They didn’t make a lot of mistakes today. I thought they played really physical football. I was really impressed with the schemes the coaches had for us today. It was impressive watching them play today. This is a really, really special football team.”

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