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Florida State vs. Boston College Postgame Quotes

Oct. 13, 2012

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Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher:

Opening Statement:

“I thought our kids did a great job all week of putting that last game behind them and not letting it drag on – moving on. It shows a lot about our maturity and leadership of our football team. I thought they prepared and played very well from the get-go. I thought we had a little set back in the beginning – defense gave up a drive but then had a tremendous goal line stand and we were able to convert on offense going a 99 – yard drive. We got a good break on a fumble, when you play fast and hard plays. That’s what happened in the game. We executed very well in the game. I was not happy when we could have tackled them on the one (yard line) and it was 28-0 and we gave up a drive that made it 28-7. We could have put them away right there. We get the ball back and get a nice pass that ended up being an interception on a ball that was right in the middle of the chest. They got it back and (Lamarcus) Joyner makes a tremendous play on an interception. EJ (Manuel) manages the clock very well and we were able to get a long distance field goal going into the half and then we were able to come out in the second half – played very well in the opening drive. EJ got a little greedy on the next drive but the defense kept playing well, the offense we kept putting the ball in. We could have had another touchdown or two, but could have executed a few things here or there. Overall, I am very proud of our kids and our coaches of doing a great job of putting that game behind them. They prepared them well. Our kids did a tremendous job of focusing and concentrating and staying together. Our leadership did a great job in the game and we came out with a victory.”

On coming out aggressive and throwing:

“There as some things that they’ve done in the past and we’ve always been able to do that if you look in the history of it. We had some matchups and we liked it. They’ve always done a great job against the run. They give up a lot of yards, and to Army but they’re a different running team. We liked our matchups and we were able to go at them.”

On if he changed anything on the first drive due to being on the goal line:

“No. Situation and field position always dictate what happens in the game. You have your list of plays coming out and you have your list of plays of third and three and plays in the redzone – you have your list of plays where it goes and when the situation occurs.”

On EJ Manuel’s performance:

“I thought he should have had five (touchdown passes) he had one dropped. One pick was his, one wasn’t. He came out focused. EJ’s got thick skin too. EJ’s been around this business. He’s a quarterback for a major program, you get your up’s and down’s and you understand that. He understands, he prepared well and he played well. He played a tremendous game and did a great job with leadership throughout the week.”

Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani

Opening Statement:

“First things first, congratulations for Florida State – they’ve got a very nice, championship caliber football team. They certainly showed it in a lot of ways. A lot of good athletes out there. I thought our guys competed the whole game. They strained, they worked hard we just were up against it a little bit.

On Big Passes During The Game:

“There is a lot of offense there … we just didn’t execute … it wasn’t like some things we didn’t practice against and things they did differently. It was just a matter of us fundamentally not being able to stop them. There is a lot of offense; a lot of things coming at you over there and we didn’t have as good of a recognition on some of it as we would have liked.”

On This Being a Tough Game To Walk Into:

“I think they attacked … their psyche … I think their psyche was … they got annoyed that they got a little conservative last week and they weren’t about to do that. They were going to attack and they were in an attack mode right from the beginning.”

On The Goal Line Stand On The Opening Drive:

“When you go for it on fourth down you would like to get in. The other thing was that the ball pops out on the next one and bounces right into his hands. I don’t know if that’s going to be a difference in the game but it certainly sets a little different tone. Sometimes that’s the way the ball bounces and that’s the difference with excellence and stuff … you are working hard and the ball bounces the other way.”

On Florida State:

“They are a very good team with a lot of speed and they’ve got a very good offensive scheme … they’ve done a good job on everybody all year. I think they were averaging, going into last week’s game against NC State, 50 points a game. It’s important for our guys to understand who they play against. Not to make an excuse for themselves, that’s a tough football team. We learned something from it. We did make a couple of plays. You understand how good you have to be.”

Florida State Players

RB James Wilder, Jr.

On the importance of bouncing back:

“It was very important. A lot of teams have goals of winning a national championship and they lose a game, some teams can’t bounce back, we just made sure we didn’t have that taste in our mouth any more. We just came out there and had a great game and made sure we didn’t make the same mistakes. We made a couple of mistakes out there but we made sure we didn’t make the same mistakes, we just got in there and got after it.”

On scoring two touchdowns against BC:

“Both of them were receiving. Most teams, when I come in say `32 is in watch the run, watch the run.’ So with that being said they used me more in receiving and as a receiving back. I had a dive that I tried to make sure I got in the end zone.”

On the play of EJ Manuel:

“EJ is a great player. He is a great role model; he is one of my role models. Before the game, he is always speaking up and tells us how we feel and how to bounce back. He kept us up the whole week, telling us how to bounce back. He knows what it takes to keep going. We just have to take it game-by-game. He went out there and did his thing tonight.”

WR Kenny Shaw

On team bouncing back to get a big win:

“It felt really good; I mean it’s an ACC game. We had to get over last week’s loss, so it felt pretty good.”

On the 77-yard TD catch:

“We knew they were going to roll a cover two on our side, so we ran a double post to get the safeties out of there. Luckily I came open off the receivers and got scotch free.”

On the momentum swing of that play after the defense held BC at the 1-yard line:

“As an offense we said, `let’s go 99,’ so right off the back we knew that we were going to go 99 yards.”

Everett Dawkins

On his performance:

“It felt great. I knew it was going to be kind of tough but I came out ready to play. I was focused and I knew that the defense needed me, the team needed me so I made sure I got it done.”

On the importance of bouncing back:

“It was very important for us. Last week was rough. It was a tough for us the whole week. Good thing about it, we have so many leaders on this team, we were able to pick ourselves up during the week – going back out there having fun and we made sure that we were prepared for today.”

“We have a lot of character, a lot of leadership. We had a mishap last week, we lost a game, but like I said in an interview after the game `we will bounce back strong’ and we did because I know what type of players and what type of teammates I have on this team. Everything is going to work out for the better for us. We just got to make sure we prepare every week the same way we did this past week.”

On the defensive performance in the first half:

“We want to be a defensively great team and we know what we have to do in a goal line situation, so everybody buckled down, got low and we made some great plays and shut them out on the goal line.”

On Lamarcus Joyner’s interception:

“It was big, Lamarcus is a player. It was a great play for us”.

Bjoren Werner:

On the performance:

“Sometimes you just have to make a couple of big plays and stop them and that’s what we did. Good for us.”

On changing up their style of play:

“We did the same thing; we did the same week of practice, same mentality. Last week we came up short, this week we came up big, so we’re going to keep doing the same thing.”

On the first drive:

“Yeah, we have to come out stronger than that. We stopped them when it came down to it – to the point that we had to stop them and we did and from there on we did a good job.”

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