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Florida State vs. Florida Southern Quotes

Nov. 5, 2011

Final Stats

Florida State Head Coach Sue Semrau

On expectations for today’s exhibition:

“Today was a realistic measure of where we are. We’ve been playing against scout guys in practice and it’s always hard to gage where you are until you get out on the floor and the lights come on. We saw a lot of things we need to work on and some bright spots as well.”

On the Seminoles’ point guard for the regular season:

“Well see. I think Tay’ler (Mingo) will ultimately be that, but I have to make sure Alexa (Deluzio) is ready and I don’t know if Tay’ler is ready to play the number of minutes yet, but until she is and that experience takes over then well go ahead and play it like that.”

On Chasity Clayton’s commitment to improving over offseason:

“She made a choice and when you make that choice and carry out that work, the reward is what you saw she did tonight.”

Florida State junior forward Chasity Clayton

On offseason improvements:

“I really just stepped my game up. I focused on a lot of things to peak my game. I had a different mindset than I’ve ever had. I worked on ball handling, shooting, game like situations so that when I’m in the game it will come to me easy and be familiar with those situations.”

On what she has more comfortable doing on the court:

“Definitely handling the ball. I’m playing the three (position) more than I ever had at Florida State. We always play pick up games against our scout guys. They are willing to help me, stay after with me, and use their free time to help me.”

On her excitement for the season to start:

“I’m very excited. I’m glad its here.”

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