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Florida State vs. USF Player Quotes

Oct. 1, 2012

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Head Coach: Jimbo Fisher

Fisher Introduction: “I thought South Florida played their tails off, and they did. They played very physical. Our kids played hard and competed well – made enough mistakes to not put that thing away. We had some critical issues in the game, but it was a hard-fought game. We made the plays we had to. Defense did a really nice job, had a major blender on special teams. Had a blocked kick, which was crucial. Our kids did fight hard; it was a win going on the road, a tough environment as far as knowing they were 2-2. You know they were going to try to make that season right here and try to get back into it and play hard, and they did that and our kids fought through it. We have a lot of mistakes to clean up, but we came out with the `W’ and a `W’ is always good.”

Reporter: “After the blocked punt, your defense held them to 13 yards in the first 10 plays in the second half.”

Fisher: “Yeah they did. The defense came out and really started dominating the line of scrimmage. They were playing too loose in the beginning, but I think they settled down and got their feet on the ground and started playing much better. Then we were able to get a couple of drives.”

Reporter: “What’s the thing with this program? You didn’t even play that well and still won by 13 on the road.”

Fisher: “That’s what I’m happy about. It’s crazy, that’s what I told them. Wins are big, you go into somebody else’s house that have good players and are coached well, and you come out with a `W’. That’s still a huge step coming off the big win we had last week.”

Florida State Quarterback EJ Manuel


“They beat us a few years ago and we definitely wanted to come out and have a good game. We didn’t want to lose or slip up.”

On the touchdown pass after the blocked punt

“It was huge for our momentum because you know our defense came back with a fumble, then a touchdown. That was huge for us, not just for defense but for offense, too.”

Florida State Offensive Fullback Lonnie Pryor

On getting the first road win

“It feels good. It wasn’t pretty, there were some ups and downs, but a win’s a win. That’s how we look at it. They came out here and played a tough game. It’s our first road game and it wasn’t going to be easy.”

On his contributions to the team in regards to running the ball

“It feels good. Just to let them know, if coach needs something that he can hand me the ball, or have me block and do certain things like that. It just makes me feel comfortable, knowing I can be a help and he has faith in me.”

On the game being a struggle

“We knew that South Florida was going to come in and give us a tough game. We didn’t think about losing the game, but we were just doing things like missing reads, and different things like that offensively – just little things that we did to hurt ourselves. They played a great game, but it was just little things that we did to hurt ourselves. But we kept our head in it and kept going.”

Florida State Defensive player Lamarcus Joyner

On defensive adjustments made after the first touchdown

“We just had to calm down, first game sold out away, it’s pretty tough and we all learned a lesson as an organization. It’s pretty tough going into someone else’s home. They are going to fight you hard, they are going to claw, and we just had to get our minds right.”

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