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Florida State Wraps Up Practices For Duke

Oct. 25, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.The FSU football team wrapped up its preparations for Duke Thursday with a 15 period practice. The team was in shorts and helmets and after specialty they spent the entire practice working versus the scout teams. Saturday’s game will kick-off at 8:05 p.m. and will be broadcast nationally by ESPNU.  



Defensive Back Tony Carter:

On what the team has to do to win:

“Just not making mental errors. Being focused in all aspects of the game for sixty minutes. We need to play good on defense for maybe three quarters and then we’ll bring it down in the end.”


On how the season has gone:

“We started off slow and we picked up and now we went back down a little bit, so we’re looking forward to this week and the opportunity to pick it up again.”


On playing Duke this weekend:

“We’re looking forward to the challenges but we just want to go in there and get that win.”


On the Unconquered uniforms:

“We like the uniforms. It’s a change of for us and we love it, it’s not a superstition thing.”


Quarterback Drew Weatherford:

On living up to expectations from high school in college:

“It’s impossible to live up to the expectations that people have of college kids when they come out of high school. I can’t remember the last kid that really just lived up to everything he was supposed to be. It’s difficult, it takes time. And a lot of it depends on obviously the position you play and things like that–some positions are easier to perform at than others. But it’s very difficult to come from high school and do the things you did in high school in college.”


On the Unconquered uniforms:

“I love it. It’s fun to get out there and represent the Seminole tribe. It’s cool just with everything that’s behind it, but also I think it looks really good and as a fan growing up, I’m just glad I have the opportunity to wear them.”


“It was unfortunate that we didn’t win wearing them last year, but they’re just uniforms. They don’t decide who wins, we do.”


On playing teams he’s beaten in the past:

“It’s always good to have a good feel for teams and I feel like I do have a good feel on the teams coming up. Duke is a good example, they have come such a long way since the first time I played them and even the second time, they continue to improve. Every team does different things on the defense and offense every year to try to shake things up, but it definitely gives you some confidence knowing you beat them before.”


On what the Seminoles need to do to win:

“Go out and play fast and execute the things we’ve been doing since two-a-days like we know how to. And go out and have a good time and play with a lot of enthusiasm and stop turning the ball over.”


On how penalties and turnovers have hurt the team:

“They’re huge. Obviously turnovers kill drives and penalties kill drives–holding penalties, false starts. We just have to play smart. I really think a lot of it is just because we’ve been playing uptight, you know we’ve just got to let lose and play football.”

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