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Football Practice Report #2

Aug. 9, 2006


• FSU had their second practice in shorts on Wednesday and worked for 24 periods

• In 7-on-7 pass skeleton, QB Xavier Lee hit WR Richard Goodman for a 40-yard TD

• QB D’Vontrey Richardson connected with WR Damon McDaniel for 20 yards later in 7-on-7

Bobby Bowden complimented both freshman receivers (McDaniel and Preston Parker) at the conclusion of practice

• LB Anthony Kelly picked off QB Christian Ponder in 7-on-7 to lead the defense

• The 11-on-11 scrimmaging was limited with no pads on, but NG Paul Griffin and LB Lawrence Timmons each stopped running plays in the backfield

• The team will put on shoulder pads for the first time Thursday

• Thursday’s practice will start at 9:00 a.m. and will be 24 periods again

• Media day and fan day will be held this Sunday (8/13)


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(on Wednesday’s practice)

“This was the first day we got a full practice in. The heat got a couple of them, might have gotten about four of them. I don’t mean heat stroke, I’m talking about cramps and things like that. Most of them got through it. We covered just about everything we wanted to cover. We had to call off our running which we usually do after practice because of our time limit. It was a good day of learning.”

(on the heat)

“You would like for it to gradually get hot so you can do everything you want to do and gradually get them in shape. That’s the only thing that works against you.”

(on the freshmen receivers and their opportunity)

“It’s according to how many you are playing. If you play four wideouts, everyone gets involved. A lot of it is determined by how many of them can play. Both of the freshmen have caught the ball real well. I don’t see them catch one, drop one, catch one, drop one. They are catching nearly everything. Now again, its early and you hadn’t started contact things yet but so far, so good.”

WR De’Cody Fagg

(on offensive balance)

“The receivers like the balance because it opens up the pass. The more you run and balance it with the pass, the more it keeps the defense guessing on what the next play is going to be.”

(on the heat)

“It’s hot out here. We had a couple of players go down so we had to fill in. Greg Carr and I had to go with the ones by ourselves until Rich Goodman and Rod Owens came and bailed us out. We’ve just got to beat the heat each day. It’s a good thing to get through the really hot days early because it will pay off as we keep going through the next couple weeks.”

(on taking more of a leadership role this season)

“I do feel like I have to be a little more of a leader now that Willie Reid is gone. We have a good group of young guys in here and we have to go out and play our role to show them the right way to do things. We all do a good job of motivating each other. If Greg Carr is lagging, I might say something to him. If he sees that I need to step it up, he’ll let me know about it. We don’t get upset or anything, we just go out and give a little more effort.”

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