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Football Team Holds Their Fourth Day Of Practice

Aug. 11, 2006

• The team worked out for 24 periods in shells (shoulder pads & shorts) for the second day on Friday morning

• Saturday will mark the first practice in full pads and the first two-a-day practice will be Monday

Lawrence Timmons and Neefy Moffett each had a sack in 11-on-11 and Buster Davis recorded a tackle for loss

• Timmons also had the big hit of the day when he met Marcus Sims on a running play up the middle

Lorenzo Booker broke an 18-yard run in 11-on-11 and Xavier Lee later found Chris Davis for a 15-yard gain

• In 7-on-7, De’Cody Fagg made a great catch in traffic on a 45-yard pass from Lee with the other big pass play coming on a 40-yard strike from D’Vontrey Richardson to Damon McDaniel

Roger Williams just missed an interception in 7-on-7 on a diving pass break-up

• Media day and fan day will be held this Sunday (8/13)


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(on Friday’s practice)

“Today was our second day in shells and tomorrow we will have full pads on. When you get the full pads on you will find out a little more about them than you knew before. We have looked at them in shorts for two days and shells for two days and we really can’t learn much more. Now we will go into full pads and by doing that there will probably be some good surprises and probably be some disappointments.”

(on offensive tackle Shannon Boatman)

It is hard for me to say through the first four days of practice. About all I can see now is if a guy does bad. Is he doing really good, I can’t separate them like that. It is much easier to see a receiver or somebody out in the open. I haven’t seen anything disappointing. We are trying to find out if he can step in there and play number one and allow us to do this or that.”

(on zone blocking)
“The longer we do it the better we will get at it, but when you are working against yourself, is the defense that bad or is the offense that good? We really don’t know the answer to that yet.”

(on the heat)

“These kids so far have done everything that we have asked. They have handled the heat pretty doggone good under the circumstances. I think they conditioned themselves pretty good to be out here.”

Cornerback Tony Carter

(on facing big receivers in practice everyday)

“It is fun. It makes you buckle up the chin strap everyday and play. It gets us ready for when we have to go up against taller opponents. It is tough but helps us out in the end.”

(on full pads tomorrow)

“Yeah, we are ready. You can’t tackle anybody and I’m not a thud guy. I like to tackle legs and us my hands so I’m ready to put the pads on.”

(on what you learn about your team with pads on)

“You find out who is tough and who isn’t. A lot of guys look good with no pads on because they know that they can’t be hit but tomorrow when they put the pads on you will see some people who aren’t as fast as they usually are or maybe you will see some people who are faster than they are right now. You get the real deal.”

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