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Football Team Wraps Up Practice With The Spring Game

April 16, 2005

The Seminoles wrapped up spring practice with the spring game Saturday afternoon on Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. The offense took on the defense in a controlled scrimmage and the coaches used a point system to determine the winner. The defense came out on top 20-10 thanks to a couple of late interceptions by Sam McGrew and Tony Carter. Kamerion Wimbley, who earned the Hinesman Award as the most dominating player of the spring, and Clifton Dickson had two sacks apiece. The offense’s lone touchdown of the day (and only one of the spring against the No. 1 defense) came on a six-yard Lorenzo Booker touchdown run. The TD was set up by a 50-yard pass from Wyatt Sexton to Chris Davis on the first play of the day. Davis led all receivers with 95 yards on four catches. Sexton was the top passer, completing 4-of-6 for 73 yards with one interception. Jamaal Edwards led all rushers with 17 yards on four carries.

Bobby Bowden QUOTES

(on the spring game)

“That terminates our spring training. I thought we got some things done. The big thing was we tried to teach some blocking and tackling. Looking at the film, I really thing that we made some strides blocking and tackling. The offense started off real good and then the defense just swarmed them to death. I thought it was a productive spring. We have got to get some of these boys back that are out.”

(on Wyatt Sexton and the big play)

“I was encouraged to see that. I would like to see more of that. It is nearly impossible with that rush. Really the only way that we can judge them is in pass skeleton. You see them doing good things but the heat is so vicious on them because our defense is so quick and so fast. We took (Lorenzo) Booker and Leon (Washington) out and you lose some leadership and a little bit of your explosiveness. We are running the ball a lot better. Our passing and protection is not quite there yet. We must have had eight or nine bad snaps.”


QB Wyatt Sexton

(on his performance)

“I thought that my first series was pretty solid, I led us down for a score. I was a little frustrated with the second series. I made a pretty poor decision on the interception but we will look at the film and make some adjustments.”

(on his thoughts about being the starter)

“I don’t know, that will be up to Coach Bowden. I just went out and played my best and hopefully that is good enough. I was happy with the way I played. It wasn’t so much about my numbers this spring, it was more about learning the system and starting to feel comfortable with the guys that were in there.”

DE Kamerion Wimbley

(on the defense)

“You have to give credit to our offense. They executed the plays and they scored. We came back out and sucked it up and we stopped them from scoring again. I think that it is a factor with them having guys hurt. I don’t think that we will really see how good we are until we go up against a formidable offensive line. With Alex Barron and Ray Willis gone, it is going to be hard to replace them on any offensive line. I think we are going to get a chance to see where we are when we play Miami.”

(on how good the defense can be this year)

“I think that we can always improve. With the guys here, we have some experience back. We have a good linebacker corps. I think we can step it up on the defensive line and the secondary and we should be fine.”


Wyatt Sexton (4-6, 73 yards, 1 INT)
Xavier Lee (3-7, 33 yards)
Drew Weatherford (5-9, 24 yards)

Jamaal Edwards (4 carries, 17 yards)
Lamar Lewis (6 carries, 15 yards)
Lorenzo Booker (4 carries, 5 yards, 1 TD)
Leon Washington (5 carries, -1 yard)
Pat Davis (7 carries, -2 yards)

Chris Davis (4 catches, 95 yards)
Greg Carr (2 catches, 53 yards)
Kenny O'Neal (2 catches, 13 yards)
Joslin Shaw (2 catches, 12 yards)
Leon Washington (1 catch, 9 yards)
B.J. Dean (1 catch, 2 yard)
James Coleman (1 catch, 2 yards)
Kristian Bie (1 catch, 0 yards)
Pat Davis (1 catch, -6 yards)

Field Goals
Gary Cismesia (0-1, 45 yards)

Kamerion Wimbley (4 tackels, 2 sacks)
Andre Fluellen (4 tackles, 1 sack)
Buster Davis (4 tackles, ½ sack)
Kenny Ingram (4 tackles)
Marcello Church (4 tackles)
Clifton Dickson (3 tackles, 2 sacks)
Gerard Ross (3 tackles)
Aaron Jones (3 tackles)
A.J. Nicholson (3 tackles)
Sam McGrew (1 tackle, 1 INT)
Tony Carter (1 tackle, 1 INT)

2005 Spring Practice Award Winners

Hinesman Award: Kamerion Wimbley
Most Valuable Player - Offense: Leon Washington
Most Valuable Player - Defense: Antonio Cromartie
Most Improved QB: Xavier Lee/Drew Weatherford
Most Dependable QB: Wyatt Sexton
Most Improved WR: De'Cody Fagg
Most Dependable WR: Chris Davis
Most Improved OL: Jacky Claude
Most Dependable OL: David Overmyer
Most Improved RB: Jamaal Edwards
Most Dependable RB: Leon Washington
Most Improved TE: Matt Root
Most Improved DE: Alex Boston
Most Dependable DE: Kamerion Wimbley
Most Improved DT: Clifton Dickson
Most Dependable DT: Andre Fluellen
Most Improved LB: Marcello Church
Most Dependable LB: Sam McGrew
Most Improved DB: Gerard Ross
Most Dependable DB: Roger Williams
King of the Boards - Offense: Ron Lunford
King of the Boards - Defense: Alex Boston
Top Non-Scholarship Player - Offense: Jared Martin
Top Non-Scholarship Player - Defense: Anthony Houllis
Most Outstanding Player - Offense: Lorenzo Booker
Most Outstanding Player - Defense: A.J. Nicholson
Big Otis Award - Offense: James Coleman
Big Otis Award - Defense: Ernie Sims
Second Effort Award - Offense: Jamaal Edwards
Second Effort Award - Defense: Andre Fluellen
Top Newcomer - Offense: Greg Carr/Cornelius Lewis
Top Newcomer - Defense: Lawrence Timmons
Big Hitter - Offense: Jamaal Edwards
Big Hitter - Defense: Kyler Hall
Iron Nole Award - Offense: Chris Davis
Iron NOle Award - Defense: Darrell Burston
Leadership - Offense: Leon Washington/Lorenzo Booker
Leadership - Defense: A.J. Nicholson/Kyler Hall
Most Committed to Physical Development: Kamerion Wimbley
Matt Schmauch Academic Achievement Award: Willie Jones

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