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For Your Noledge: Collin Engelhardt

Oct. 30, 2012

By: Patrick O’Neill, FSU Sports Information Intern

Collin Engelhardt is a freshman member of the Florida State Men’s golf team. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Engelhardt attended Trinity Prep in Winter Park, Florida. While at Trinity, Englehardt won the 2010 1A State Championship. That same year, Engelhardt was invited to play in the USGA Junior Amateur tournament. Since joining Florida State, Engelhardt has competed in three tournaments, including the team’s most recent trip to the Querencia Cabo Invitational where he placed 24th overall. Seminoles.com recently had the chance to speak with Collin and this is what he had to say.

So Collin, what are some of the major differences you’ve noticed about the transition to collegiate golf?
The fields are so much deeper. In high school, the top tiers guys were really talented. Playing Division I golf–all these guys can compete. Everyone out there has the ability to win on any given day.

What’s something you’ve been working on in the off season to improve your game this year?
I’m working on getting in better shape through improving my flexibility. It’s really tough to play golf when your body is tight. You’ve got to be able to go out and swing a club comfortably.

If you weren’t playing golf right now, what would you be doing instead?
Hopefully I’d be playing baseball, here at Florida State.

What’s one thing that the rest of your teammates wouldn’t know about you?
We all know each other fairly well. I’m not sure that the guys know I was a pretty serious ball player growing up. It’s a close second to golf.

What’s the best thing about playing a collegiate sport?
Being able to go out and compete all the time is the best. A lot of peoples’ athletic careers end in high school, but I get at least four more years of going out and enjoying competition.

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